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As we've written before, a Disney Princess seems to be the ultimate muse for talented artists. The internet is full of the most amazing re-imaginings of the royal ladies of Disney you'll ever see.

The latest creations come from talented digital artist at Punziella, who has imagined what the princesses (and some of the dudes) would look like if they dressed in contemporary clothing.

The results are pretty awesome, check them out!



I'm loving this wild-haired, grunge chick look on Merida! Such a good call on The Ramones t-shirt, she'd totally be a punk rock fan, right? And those rings really cap off the look.



How cute is Elsa!? I think this is exactly how Elsa would dress if she lived in modern times, showing off the softer side of her personality. Um, does anyone know where I can buy that bag?



This style is Anna to a T! Nice and colorful just like her personality and I love that necklace! Also: Is it just me or does anyone else get a Kaylee from Firefly vibe?



Ok so Prince Hans isn't exactly a nice guy in Frozen, but I have to say he's looking pretty dashing here! He's definitely still a bit douchey (that pocket hankerchief!) but I do like his well-tailored jacket.



I'm getting a very Taylor Swift vibe from modern Rapunzel. I like the vintage look with her denim cut-off shirt, and giving her bangs was a nice touch!


Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider is looking good! Hmm...Is it weird that I find myself strangely attracted to an animated character?!



Which character do you think rocks the contemporary look best?


Source: punziella


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