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Hello, comic book fans! INCREDIBLE news! A new picture from the upcoming [Ant-Man](movie:9048) movie is now on the internet! In the picture, we see the INCREDIBLE actor Paul Rudd walking on the streets. Behind him, on the wall, there is a poster advertising a very familiar poster! Check the video from the channel ComicBookCast2 on Youtube!

That's right! Those were the drinks that appeared in the INCREDIBLE Hulk, in the factory where Bruce Banner was working! Later in the movie, Stan Lee drinks a bottle that contains the Hulk's blood and is injured.

Those are INCREDIBLE news. I am pretty excited that we are going to see something from the INCREDIBLE Hulk again. Marvel don't really use that movie much and it's a pity. It wasn't maybe a big blockbuster, but it was an enjoyable movie.

Cameos of characters and places we want to see in the next Marvel movies!

1. Abomination

Abomination was the main bad guy in the INCREDIBLE Hulk. He was pretty threatening and one of the most powerful super-villains in the MCU. However, since the INCREDIBLE Hulk is the movie that Marvel wants you to forget, they don't really use cameos of characters or Easter Eggs from this film. And it's a pity. I would love to see Abomination imprisoned in the SHIELD Hellicarier. I would love to see him anywhere.

2. The Mandarin

Ok, I'm talking about the real Mandarin. And the real Ten Rings organization. Since the one in Iron Man 3 was a fraud, it isn't certain if we are going to see the real deal in a possible Iron Man 4. The Mandarin is an INCREDIBLE villain and the archenemy of Iron Man. I hope we will see him in an upcoming movie, at least via a reference. Nope, that's not enough! I want him in a movie serving as the primary enemy.

3. Wakanda and Black Panther

Black Panther is the king of Wakanda and an Avenger. Black Panther is going to get his own film. It would be INCREDIBLE. Since then, Marvel should use references and Easter Eggs in order to show to the fanboys and fangirls that Wakanda exists and it is a magical, beautiful place.

Which character do you want to see having his own cameo? What do you think about the INCREDIBLE Hulk Easter Egg? Are you excited? Leave your comments down below and thanks for reading!

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