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Although small in size, Ant-Man is probably going to be one of the greatest heroes in the MCU! Despite the fact that we have a whole year to wait for the premiere of his first cinematic appearance, a photo from the set surfaced online, featuring Paul Rudd walking around with a backpack. The most incredible thing about the pic? It also has an Incredible Hulk easter egg hidden in it!

If you're a fan of Hulk's debut in the MCU, you might remember that in the beginning of the film Bruce Banner worked at a bottling plant in Brazil, hiding from General Ross' men. However, after a small accident some of the sodas were contaminated by Banner's mutated blood, and in the end, the guy who drinks them--who is none other that Stan Lee himself-- gets sick. As a result, General Ross manages to locate the notorious fugitive and the movie's plot is set in motion. In the photo, if you look closely, you can spot a poster on the wall behind Paul Rudd featuring these infamous sodas.

All these ingenious nods to the fans, all these clever teasers; this is why I love the MCU! Every movie is connected with the others, every film is part of a larger, monumental universe, a universe filled with amazing, three-dimensional characters.

I think it's safe to asume that Ant-Man, just like all the other Marvel motion pictures, is probably going to have a ton of easter eggs, too. So, as a follow up to the Incredible Hulk tease analysis, I took the liberty of creating a countdown with my three greatest easter egg choices, the cameos of characters and places I want to see in the upcoming Marvel movies!

1. Abomination

The Abomination, portrayed by Tim Roth, was the main antagonist in The Incredible Hulk and one of the greatest Marvel supervillains to date. Ruthless, vicious, and extremely powerful; the Abomination was everything a comic book geek could ask for. Since he survived his fight with Banner's angry alter ego, we could easily see him again in one of the later films, imprisoned in SHIELD's Helicarrier.

2. The Mandarin

Iron Man 3's version of the Mandarin disappointed the majority of the fans. After the third installment, the future of the Iron Man franchise was left uncertain. Although a fourth movie could be made, it's probably not in the cards right now. However, since the All Hail the King short confirmed the existence of yet another Mandarin, who's probably going to be more like his comic book counterpart, it'd be a nice idea to have this evil version of the acclaimed supervillain appear briefly onscreen in another Marvel project.

3. Wakanda and Black Panther

Wakanda is one of the most prominent and beautiful places in the Marvel universe. The king and protector of this magical country is Black Panther, a.k.a. Prince T'Challa, a skilled warrior and former Avengers member who has been around since the 1960s. Sooner or later, T'Challa will probably join the MCU version of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, so a small cameo teasing his larger role in the franchise would work just fine!


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