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Back in the day making a lot of origin stories made sense when superhero movies were first coming out few and far between. This was helpful to people to become familiar with characters they may not know. Of course now the times are changing now. We are are seeing more comic book related movies with in a years time. The makers of theses films are starting to feel that origin stories are starting to get played out. In the coming years we can expect this change when new heros start to emerge.There is a rumor going around that The Doctor Strange movie will be the first to film to not have a origin story.

This information comes from Badass Digest's Devin Faraci, who was on Schmoes Know. This Project has been in the making for some time now to move away from the origin stories. Some people may not like this move cause this is something that there not use to. Of course we kind of saw this to the effect with Guardians of the Galaxy. There was not much of a origin story there. We were given bits and pieces of it as the movie progresses in a not so conventional way. So far it seems like it worked for that. The main question is will this work for other movies titles in Marvel and DC.


What's your feelings on this subject of Origin stories.



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