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Over the last two weeks we have had many teaser clips, interviews and a world tour covering Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Rio de janeiro. It has been a very busy few days for the Doctor Who team!

Here we are finally, with the countdown clock ticking down with less than 24 hours to go, we don't have long to wait! As much as I would love to go into everything that has happened from my last post till now, It would simply be too much! (This is what happens when you leave the country for 11 days to go camping in the middle of Ireland with little to none internet...)


Today the TARDIS was spotted crashed in Parliament square just one day before the first episode is due to air on our screens tomorrow night. Along with the airing date burnt in the grass, it appears the TARDIS has uncovered some dinosaur bones too. Hinting at "Deep Breath" as a whole. The Doctor and Clara also made a brief appearance at the site before undoubtedly dashing off to save the day.

From what I have picked up from the response to the world tour, Peter Capaldi has made a massive impression on those who came to see him around the world. This is really encouraging to see as for a while I wasn't too sure on how Whovians would take to him. My excitement grows by the minute just thinking about seeing Capaldi on our screens for the first time properly as the Doctor, more so now I know the responses to the first episode have been phenomenal!

Today I also had great fun flying the TARDIS through the vortex. How did I do that? Well if you go onto YouTube's homepage there is a fun minigame where you can unlock some exclusive content by successfully flying the TARDIS through the swirling vortex. I will leave the link here and you can have fun doing it for yourself! How long will you last? (Warning: you might want to lie down in a bedroom afterwards...)

While we are on topic of exclusive content, the BBC have announced that on the BBC iPlayer, there will be a new series, Doctor Who Extra. For those who have sorely missed the old Doctor Who Confidential, this will be for you! Filled with behind-the-scenes content, and access to all areas, it has been said to show the lighter side of what goes on when making Doctor Who. I was really sad to hear Doctor Who Confidential was ended, but hopefully Doctor Who Extra will help fill that gap for me.

It is time we knew Peter Capaldi as The Doctor don't you think? Remember: take a deep breath before watching, don't blink and good luck. I guess all I can say is: GERONIMO! See you on the other side!

As always leave a comment and do tell me if you managed to unlock the exclusive clip from Deep Breath!


How excited are you for Deep Breath?


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