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It's been one year since Ben Affleck was announced to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in DC's upcoming Batman v Superman film. I still remember that night like it was yesterday. I was laying in bed, binge watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, when my I got tagged in a post on Facebook that read;


I commented on my friends status and reassured her that it was probably just a rumor and went back to my HIMYM marathon. But that's when I noticed more statuses...

Really? That's who you're going with???


Ben Affleck as Batman?

Finally I did my own research on the matter and found the truth, Ben Affleck was confirmed to play Batman. I vowed to not support this film and basically lost my mind. I ranted on social networks for weeks and even signed a petition on to make it illegal for Ben Affleck to play the Caped Crusader. I know I wasn't the only one who felt this way, half the world seemed to hate it. Remember these?

However, after weeks of flooding social media with hate towards Affleck and just accept the fact: my favorite superhero was going to be played by Batfleck. After accepting the fact, I actually started being okay with the idea and decided, "well, hey, lets give this guy a chance." Months later, pictures were leaked online of Ben in the gym and my god, he looked ripped! I think this was when I was honestly happy to have given up all the hate towards him cause I saw how dedicated he was to the role. Than when the first picture was released, I finally gave in!

First Look at Batman
First Look at Batman

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw this picture, and from that moment, I knew that Ben Affleck was going to make an excellent Batman!

So there you have it folks. Already a whole year, time really does glide. See what I did there? Anyways, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and some may still hate the fact Ben is portraying Batman, but all I have to say to those people, is let it go. That's what I did, and now I'm actually super excited for this movie. I mean, it's BATMAN VS FREAKING SUPERMAN GUYS! How long have we waited for this to happen?? Even if you don't agree with the casting, at least give the movie a chance. A movie made for the fans! And with all of that being said; I believe in Ben Affleck.

I believe
I believe

If you agree with me, I challenge you all to repost the above picture on all social media sites today with caption or hashtag, "I Believe in Ben Affleck" and if you are posting on instagram, please tag @benaffleck and @creamcomics to let him know he is doing a great job you truly are excited for his role.


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