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Back to the Future was 1985's biggest hit, and it has stood the testament of time. The movie was a staple in the careers of its cast members and in the hearts of all who watched the exciting take on time travel and small kitchen appliances.

But have the actors themselves held up with time? We all know the science went a bit shifty, I was supposed to be riding hoverboards in hightop Nikes. Okay, the Nikes bit is doable but what's the news on floating skateboards? Oh, there isn't any? WELL, THANKS FOR ALL OF MY CRUSHED HOPES, MARTY MCFLY. I guess I'll just stay here on the ground.

It's been dang near 30 years since the pop culture dynamo and since they age 30 years forward in the movie we thought it'd be fun to see what was better to the cast; movie magic or good ol' life?

Michael J. Fox

At 53 years old Michael J. Fox is looking way better than his aging to 47 from 17 in Back to the Future 2. Even his unfortunate fight with Parkinson's Disease can't knock him out of the ring. He's forever a heartthrob, on top of being a strong advocate and spokesperson for raising awareness for Parkinson's.

Lea Thompson

Lea Thompson was the original Stacy's mom, and she's as gorgeous as ever! In Back to the Future, Lea Thompson portrayed Marty McFly's hot mom. Lea was the same age as Fox but was wearing makeup and prosthetics much of the film to look 30 years older than her teenage son and I've got to say that she is aging like a fine berry wine. Aged to 47 in the movie as well, she's even more stunning at her actual age of 53.

Thomas F. Wilson

The infamous Biff Tannen who bullied his way into your distaste was played by Thomas F. Wilson. Wilson was two years older than Lea Thompson and Mikey J during filming, but at 55-years-old today I have got to admit that his skin is really friggin' lovely. Like, lovely enough to make every teenaged girl throw hissy fits.

Crispin Glover

As the patriarch of the McFlys, Crispin Glover played George - Michael J. Fox's character's father. Crispin was actually three years younger than Fox, however. Crispin very famously did not return to the franchise over sour salary negations and creative differences with the film's director Robert Zemeckis. At 50-years-old, it doesn't look like he's aged one bit. You could go skiing on his prominent cheekbones to this day.


Moviepilot, Moviepilot, who is the fairest of them all?

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