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OK, so it's fairly easy to say that Man of Steel (MOS) split the world in half with people who either loved Zack Snyder's take on Superman, or people who hated it. To those of you who thought MOS was the worst superhero film since Batman and Robin, I ask this....why?

I ask how because in truth, MOS has everything a Superman movie needs in the formula. It has Krypton and it's end, it has two fathers to represent each world, it has Superman saving people, and it has Lois Lane and the Daily Planet. So what got people ticked off? MANY things apparently. I am going to argue why these issues are justified.

1. The Destruction and Its Victims

Oh yeah, there was a lot of this. And that is to be expected in a movie about a man who flies and breaks handcuffs like toothpicks. A lot of complaints I've heard are that "Superman destroyed more of Metropolis than Zod did" or "Superman let thousands of innocent people die during his fight with Zod". These arguments are partially true. I say partially because he was a little preoccupied with something during his fight in Metropolis....

Or someone....


He was only causing destruction because Zod was knocking him into buildings and using the environment to increase the odds in his favor. If you watch the movie you'll notice that Zod rips stuff up more than Kal-El and Kal actually tries to get Zod away from the city. Case and point when Supes hits Zod up into space and fights him there. And it's not like city-wide destruction is something new. We have seen that in countless movies like Independence Day,The Avengers, Pacific Rim, Transformers, or even the unbearably awful 2012! And it has occurred where a protagonist DESTROYS a city and the audience cheer for that character. Who am I referencing?

Dinosaur god a.k.a. Godzilla


That's right, when I saw 2014 Godzilla, I cheered upon seeing the glorious destruction and everything this film had to offer visually.

Now as for the saving people argument, granted he doesn't fly in and save numerous different civilians like in the originals. He mainly just saves Lois and a few soldiers and oil drillers and a school bus full of kids. The fact of the matter is that with a superhero this big, his villains will be big too. Chances are that their battles wouldn't last 10 minutes with minimal destruction like in the Christopher Reeve films. No, MOS did its job as being a more realistic Superman movie with the action we would most likely if Superman actually was real. And that means that a lot of innocents would be killed. It's like trying to hide the horror of war in a war movie by not showing the body count that it takes. That doesn't make sense does it? Now I'm not calling out the older films for not being dark enough, I'm simply stating that when you have Christopher Nolan on a project, he's going to try to make it realistic and that is what we got with MOS.

If for nothing else, the plot details for Batman v Superman indicate that Superman is going to feel immense guilt over the destruction he caused. That at least shows that this Superman isn't a heartless monster right?

2. The Kill

Yet another controversy. This outraged many a fan. And it's understandable. People saying Superman DOES NOT KILL!

Yeah he does.

Superman kills Joker
Superman kills Joker
This girl was possessed by an alien
This girl was possessed by an alien

Granted, these are newer comics but it's true. Kal-El, the Blue Boy Scout kills. and don't pull the argument that Batman doesn't kill either. Remember a small film called The Dark Knight? When Two-Face has Gordon's son at gunpoint? And Batman pushes Two-Face off the ledge to his death? Batman killed for the same reason Superman did...he had no other choice. Unless you suggest like CinemaSins did where it was implied that Superman should have gouged out Zod's eyes or something of that nature. Wouldn't that cause more uproar though? In my opinion yes. But that is a different discussion for another day. And it's not like Supes snapped Zod's neck, patted himself on the back and walked away. No, he gets on his knees and screams in agony over taking a life and sinks into Lois's arms and starts to cry. Even prior to Zod's death Superman is pleading with him to not fry the little family in front of them.

3. The Dads

Now this is a smaller thing but people didn't like Kal-El's fathers. Well, most people don't have a problem with Russel Crowe as Jor-El. No, most people don't like Kevin Costner's Jonathon Kent because people say he's a huge dick. And I admit, I agreed with that the first time I watched MOS. Because that scene in which Clark asks Pa Kent what he should have done on the school bus. Pa responds that maybe he should have let the kid die. The first time I saw that I thought to myself that Jonathan Kent had questionable morals. But after the movie, I thought about it. How do you respond to a question like "What was I supposed to do, Just let him die?" That's a pretty tough question especially when you are talking to your son about how to keep his alien powers a secret. And I realized that "Maybe" is the best answer that could have been given.

And people got worked up about Pa's death scene. Instead of dying of a heart-attack, he gets sucked into a tornado telling Clark not to save him. Now I personally think the heart-attack death is better because it shows that Superman can't save everyone from everything. But that doesn't mean that the other death is awful because it shows Clark honoring his father's dying command/wish.

4. Other Nitpicking

Some other things people didn't like were the length of this movie, it's boredom, and its romance story. Well, if you didn't like this movie because you thought it was too long and/or too boring, then I have nothing for you because that's just an attention span problem. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

As for the romance story, granted it wasn't the best, but there are movies with much worse love stories.

Like this.....

And this piece of s**t

5. Things I didn't like

Shocking I know, that I din't like something in this movie but even in masterpieces like The Dark Knight or The Lord of the Rings, I have things to nitpick.

In this movie however, I did not like Two things. The first is the World engine in the Indian Ocean.

Why? Because it had the hentai tentacles that disgust everybody.Now the second thing I din't like was the part wear Clark gets his suit in the ship.

At least he's not wearing the red underpants
At least he's not wearing the red underpants
WHERE DID IT COME FROM????? Was it like ceremonial robes that Kal's family wore? I don't know but aside from those two things, this movie is one my favorite movies in the superhero genre. I have presented my arguments on certain issues that I thought were the big three.



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