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This is all just fan speculation, that I hope becomes a reality.

If you are like me you cannot wait for the next instalment of any Marvel franchise. One of the newest franchises is Agent Carter, which will tell the story of Peggy Carter 1 year after WW2. They also said in SDCC that part of the show will deal with her before the Marvel One-Shot of the same title. So expect the first half of the series of her doing missions that are not assigned to her and also of her being ridiculed by her male colleagues. The other half will probably be her post One-Shot where she will be working with Howard Stark.

Aside from Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and the famous butler Jarvis, there aren't any other characters that have been confirmed yet. So that is why I am making a fan speculation on who I would like to see in the show. Both the good and the bad.

The Howling Commandos

Howling Commandos
Howling Commandos

First one on everyone's mind are the Howling Commando's. We saw them in The First Avenger and now we can see them again as Shield's top agents and/or task force. Although they weren't a huge part of the First Avenger they were still fun to see and now this is the show that could show them all there glory.

I think it's all reasonable to think that they would bring back the same actors to reprise there roles. And in Agents of Shield Agent Antoine Triplett is the grandson to one of the Commando's so I think it will be fun to see them.

Brian Falsworth (Union Jack)/Jamie Dornan

Union Jack
Union Jack

Before you guys say anything I know that James Montegomery Falsworth is the original Union Jack in the comics but in the MCU he is a member of the Howling Commandos. It might be better that Union Jack be his brother. Union Jack can be a spy for England, in fact their top spy, (like 007) but Shield needs more allies and England sends Brian to Shield to become one of their agents. He could also be a good love interest for Peggy.

This guy could pull off bad-ass. In the show the Fall he played a serial killer and I thought he was amazing. He could play a good government spy, but with him cast in 50 Shades of Grey, it might be unlikely. But it's a fancast so whatever.

There are a lot of other minor Marvel characters that can be portrayed in Agent Carter. Far too many too name, but here's a few: Rick Stoner, David Ferrari, Niles Nordstrom, and many other minor characters you've never heard of. This is the perfect show to add undiscovered characters. But there is one character we all know...

Sgt. Nick Fury/Ron Livingston


This is THE Nick Fury. Obviously he would't be the director of Shield instead he would be the new leader of the Howling Commando's. One of Shield's top agents, he proves to be an effective leader. And this Nick Fury might very well be the father of OUR Nick Fury. They made a way for it to work in the comics recently so they can do it on TV.

As for Ron Livingston he is ideal, he played Captain Nixon in Band of Brothers and was wonderful in that role and now we can get to see him play another iconic figure.

Now this begs the question who will Agent Carter be up against? Well then lets go ahead and speculate!

So the creators said that this will be the beginning of the Cold War so get ready to see Stalin, but I highly doubt Peggy's gonna knock ol' Stalin in the jaw. We can expect some russian villain so let's think about it.

Yelena Belova (Black Widow)/Lily Rabe

I know, I know. We already have a Black Widow well for the sake of storytelling let's change some stuff up. In the comics she was the second Black Widow, in the MCU she could be the first. A Russian spy who works for shield as a coverup, feeding intel to Russia (and possibly Hydra?) In the show she can be referred to as The Widow instead. (And it could be her that has a relationship with Winter Soldier)

Lily Rabe is a phenomenal actor. She is fantastic in American Horror Story and her best role was Sister Mary Eunice in the second season where she eventually plays a demon. This would be one actor that would be fun to watch in an action series.

Dr. Chen Lu (Radioactive Man)/Daniel Dae Kim

The origin would have to be changed but it would make for one hell of a fantastic story/episode. Chen Lu is Japanese instead of Chinese, and he was a leading scientist for the Empire of Japan who was stationed in Hiroshima. When the atomic bomb struck Hiroshima, he miraculously survived was exposed to large amounts of radiation because of the polluted air. He vowed vengeance for the people who were responsible. He goes on a man hunt killing all the scientist involved in the bomb. His next target, Howard Stark. That would be one hell of an episode.

Daniel Dae Kim is more than capable to portray this dark, sad, and confused villain. This would simply be fantastic.

Viper (Madame Hydra)/Ali Larter

Baron Heinreich Zemo/Mark Pellegrino

These 2 could be the main antagonist of the film. 2 Hydra leaders, trying to restore Hydra to it's glory before it's defeat. Still hellbent on world domination and there organization isn't only in Germany but now it's ideology has spread around the world (Russia) and they are growing more powerful now than before. It's up to Peggy and Shield to stop them. It's characters like these that I would love to see brought to life. And it would be fun to watch Peggy against Viper and Fury against Zemo.

Now Viper is was already in the film The Wolverine but like the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, both studios can use them. This time instead of a mutant she's Madame Hydra. As for Ali Larter, she's a great actresses who's been in too many bad resident evil movies. Although she's a bad-ass on screen, the movies aren't that great. Her best role, in my opinion, was Niki Sanders from Heroes. She has proven to be a kick-ass actor and needs to play a superhero or in this case a super villain. She's ideal for this role.

As for Heinrich Zemo I mentioned him a bit in my Phase 3 future villains article and it would be nice to see Cap's old foe fight Carter and the Howling Commando's. He could be in charge of the Winter Soldier. Maybe, possibly, hopefully? Let's hope. And as for the actor, now to be honest I've never seen this guy before. I know he's in the tomorrow people and that's it, but I just feel he can do a Marvel tv show and pull off a good villain.

Ok now real quick, this is how I would end the first season of Peggy Carter. Everyone is in the room: Peggy, Howard, Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commando's are in a room of a building and they're discussing the mission the mission that they had finished. And then BAM! Someone is shot. I don't know who, but one of the main characters is shot dead. Every panics and try to comprehend what had just happened. Everyone in disarray. We then pan out and move to the Assassin on the rooftop of another building, who puts his sniper in his bag. And he stands up only to reveal an early stage of a cybernetic arm with a red star. End of season. That would just blow my mind.

And that just about does it for this article. Let me know what you thought. And real quick, I know that most of these actors are not likely to play these characters these are simply fan cast. I just wish they would come true.


Who would you like to see most?


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