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There's no doubt that Scoot McNairy is a fantastic actor. But the guy is known mainly for his dramatic roles in smaller films. [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is his first foray in to blockbuster territory. And this film is huge! This is rumored [all but confirmed!] to be the most expensive superhero film ever put to screen ever, with 135 million to be spent for production in Detroit alone. Additionally the film is confirmed to be shot in Morocco (Africa), Chicago and also possibly Washington DC. It is also historic, first time Batman and Superman will be sharing a screen, it is also Wonder Woman's first big screen appearance. Scoot McNairy is aware of that as he reveals interesting details about his role and his filming experience.

"As far as you know budget has no bearing on the character, so mostly so prepping for this has been like how I approach every character I’ve done, and they’re all different so you kind of tailor it to the job and the character. But you know this is just a big one man, this is probably the biggest one I’ve ever been on so the only thing is the bigger the film is, the slower the process is. It’s been nice to go from a TV show that’s so fast moving and you know you’re talking fast paced like popping 50 pages out in 8 days, and this has been great to going back to shooting like a page a day. So you know it’s been great man, it’s been really awesome."

He also debunks any rumors that Ben Affleck had anything to do with him getting this gig.

"No I auditioned for it you know and met with Zack Snyder and after some time went by I get a phone call and am asked to do this part you know? I was browsing through Home Depot and I’m getting some lumber you know, and I get a phone call and he says, “Hi this is Zack Snyder” and I’m just like, “No way! Absolutely If you’d have me, I’d love to be there.” So that was a really awesome phone call."

As for the character he is playing, he won't tell. But he has hopes of his character remaining in the DCCU for a while :

Yeah well... I hope to be a part of the DC universe for a while as well

I am excited. The guy is one of the better character actors out there, DCCU will benefit having him as one of the key players. There were photos of him with a green screen on his legs but that doesn't tell us much besides the fact that his lower portion will be CG. Some say Flash others say Metallo, both seem plausible. This interview does give credence that he is indeed playing a comic book character.

What do you guys think? Do you think he is Flash, Metallo or someone else entirely? Put in your thoughts down below.

Source: Dcyouorg


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