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This list is for movies that are: announced, not announced and rumored.**

The age of video game adaptations are not quite among us yet, but I reckon they'll come soon and come with a bang.

Around 10 years ago, superhero movies were small. There was Daredevil and Spiderman but nobody could have guessed how much they would propel to stardom like they have done. We are going through a Superhero movie era which is dominating our cinemas, which I don't mind! For now. I reckon in 10 years time we will be surrounded by video game adaptations. There are some out now, ie: Resident Evil, Hitman, Doom, etc. but they haven't found a winning stride yet.. Anyways, here's my list for the top 10 games that would make the best movies.

10. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is known for its funny crude humor, reckless moments and just great controversy. Many players of this game will disagree with this as a movie because they just run around robbing places and taking cars but when you actually fully play through the story of these games, especially 4 and 5 you will realize there is a very good, well thought about story connecting these games. The film would need to be rated R and time would need to be taken out thinking of fresh new characters. It would sell tons also.. Rockstar are good at making money.

9. Sly Raccoon

This movie has already been announced with an accompanying trailer that has my hopes through the roof because this is one the games of my childhood and Sly Cooper is just an insanely likable character. The animation for the movie looks stunning and I'm sure many fans are anxious to see if the film lives up to expectations when it comes out in 2016.

8. Hitman

The iconic assassin Agent 47 is due to have a reboot to come out next February seeing the other Hitman movie from 2007 was quite a flop and and general to fans of the franchise, including me. So far I'm not sold on the movie.. The character isn't fully bald, and the pictures aren't exactly appealing for me as a fan, but I am willing to go in to the movie with an open mind. A mind that thinks I'm about to see a movie about a deadly, stealthy assassin who uses absolutely everything near him at his disposal.

7. Bioshock

The world is in dire need of a good horror movie. The standard of good horror movies has dropped immensely in the last 15 years or so, with the exception of about 1/2 a year. This movie would scare the bejeezus out of anybody, the picture provided above gave me the chills! A popular game with a dedicated fanbase would be expected to deliver, but if given the right director and writer, I reckon this movie could be fantastic.

6. Metal Gear Solid

Probably my favorite gaming series of all time. This game is iconic for stealth and the main character, Snake, is a character I've dreamed of seeing on the big screen. The right actor would be hard to find, maybe Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. This movie would have to be done perfectly.. There is a very dedicated fan-base and if it was done right, it could be the stepping stone for video game adaptations.

5. Watch Dogs

Sure this game was over-hyped and didn't live even close to peoples expectations, but that's because games have their restrictions.. The general idea for this game is what I want to take away from the game and have it re-imagined as a movie. I would make a different character and a different, more compelling story wrote by world class writers. The movie could be really cool if they got the right director.. No offense to Michael Bay, but stay clear from him... I think maybe Gareth Edwards would have the right vision for this movie if it were to happen (which it probably will someday).

4. The Last of Us

This is one of those movies on the list that has in fact, been announced. The reaction has been mixed but more negative than positive.. Some people think this because the game is like a movie the way it is, and that's true.. So why wouldn't you like to see it as a movie? Maybe new characters, a sequel to the game? Endless possibilities, this movie needs to be given a chance.. I say wait til the trailer or at least the casting.. If the movie is done wrong on the other hand, there will be a lot of fan uproar and it may cost whatever studio is making the movie.

3. Minecraft

The second animation on this list and probably the safest movie on this list. The studio making this movie can take lessons from the people who made The Lego Movie, in that: find hilarious voice actors (Chris Pratt), fine-tune every detail in the physics of the world and most importantly, have an actual plot. The Minecraft movie would attract all sorts of people.. From ages 3 to 50, all genders, everybody loves Minecraft! I personally can't wait for this movie.

2. Gears of War

First things first, this movie needs to be rated R. If not, then the movie shouldn't even be made. The action and gore could be just amazing on film. It would require a crazy amount of dedication though.. I mean individual costumes designed specifically to one person (like Lord of The Rings) and well done casting. I don't mean the biggest Hollywood stars, but the likes of Tom Hardy would be great. Dave Bautista would be a good choice for Dom.. This movie is in production hell for years, but I reckon it will be made for about 2017.

1. Uncharted

This ridiculously fun adventure game has all the right ingredients to be a great movie. The story between all 3 games is amazing and if converted to cinema properly, we could get a really fun movie out of it. Every fan would be waiting to see who is cast as the iconic Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg is an obvious choice, even though I dislike the actor, he would be a nice fit. This movie is sure to come out and sure to be a money-maker.


What movie would you guys like the most?


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