ByJerome Maida, writer at
Jerome Maida

The long break between "Sin City" films seems to have not only cooled the excitement the franchise once had.

It seems to have put the franchise in deep freeze.

With it's unique visuals and characters, the original "Sin City" debuted to a surprisingly strong $29.1 million it's opening weekend, and finished with $70 million domestically.

Goodwill from the first movie and a decent cast had the film tracking for $20 million this weekend.

However the long wait for this weekend's "Sin City 2", among other factors, appears to have been lethal.

"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" bombed with $2.6 million on Friday. That's off a stunning 78 percent from the first movie, and that's with nine years of ticket price inflation and the addition of 3D premiums. It's also less than half of "The Expendables 3"'s poor start from last weekend. The "Sin City sequel" could theoretically wind up below $6 million for the weekend, though it's more likely that it earns between $6 and $7 million.

The weekend is not over yet, of course. So if you are a fan of unique ideas, strong female characters, unique characters in general and a film in which a comic book legend has his name right in the title, you can still help the film at least partially pull out of it's nosedive by going to theaters this weekend.

If not, then please don't complain when "Transformers 5" or "Fast and Furious 8" hit theaters.


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