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I just popped up with an idea in my head for some type of Horror movie challenge. And after thinking about what I want to challenge you horror fans with... I finally figured it out! That is to see if you can identify the character or movie from this series of pictures. I also tried thinking if this has been done before and I couldn't remember... So to any other writer out there who's done this type of article before, great job! They are fun.

Warning! This is a SERIOUSLY challenging... challenge. So good luck!

Oh, and: no searching for the answers, or else you don't get credit! Cheating results in automatic failure.


Who Is This Mysterious Villain?


Whose Eye Is This?


Which Nightmare On Elm Street Movie Is Freddy Hand From?


Another eye!! Who Does It Belong To This Time?


Who's Mouth Does This Belong To?


Which Horror Film Is This Kill From?


WHOA! Who Is This Completely On Fire?


This Is Part 3 Of Which Slasher Franchise


This Actual Ghost Picture Took Place In What Famous Horror Movie Household?


Who Is With Laurie Strode When She Sees Michael Myers On This Scene In Halloween


Which Year Did These Famous Villains Debut?


These 3 Icons All Share Successful Sequels In What Year?


In The Original Halloween Who Taught Michael Myers To Drive?


What Did This Poor Ladies Sign Say ON THE FRONT?

And that is the final question to my (hopefully) challenging quiz. How you do think you did?

The answers to each question are as follows:

1. Michael Myers

2. Sally Hardesty

3. A Nightmare On Elm Street

4. Jason Voorhees

5. Angela Baker

6. Halloween H20

7. Michael Myers

8. Child's Play

9. Amityville House

10. Laurie Strode and Annie Brackett

11. 1978 & 1980

12. 1988

13. No One Knows..

14. Canada and Love


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