ByTy Hasselfeldt, writer at
Ty Hasselfeldt

This deleted scene seems to take place on their way to Terminus, after Carl takes off to save a man he hears screaming in the distance. Rick keeps telling him to stop, but ends up having no choice but to follow. Once they make it to the screaming man.. it's not pretty. Too little too late. Carl wants to be a hero, and he doesn't seem to understand why his father disagrees with his actions.

In the deleted scene, Rick is explaining to Carl why he disagrees with Carl's decision to help the man, and also why he agrees. I think this scene is important for Carl, to help understand his father on a deeper level. Rick and Carl have very few heart to heart discussions, especially considering their apocalyptic circumstances. But I understand why they deleted it from the final episode. As with everything else in his life, it seems Carl just has to learn the hard way.

Do you agree with their decision to delete this scene from [The Walking Dead](series:201193)? Do you disagree? Share your opinions in the comment section below!


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