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Hi there Moviepiloters! This is my first post/article/whatever so excuse me if its to messy or anything. And also I'm getting started at comic books, so I can't make very good predictions. Please, be gentle.

So, 3:00 a.m., I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to go prowling around internet. And then, in Facebook, reading some articles about the Fantastic Four reboot (that is very disappointing so far, it isn't based on any comic. But still I haven't read any comic, sooooo, I'm half a hypocrite).

How are those two brothers? Just saying..
How are those two brothers? Just saying..

And still I don't remember how I ended up in IMDB, specifically at Kevin Feige's page, and found the page for the Untitled Marvel Project (2017).

Well, I think many people believe it's Thor 3 (Ragnarök?). But I found that there is somebody already listed in the cast. And that somebody is an unknown actress called Scarlet Rowe.

One of the five photos that appeared in Google.
One of the five photos that appeared in Google.

I entered at her page and noticed she has only appeared at 3 movies... As an extra.

I already said that I'm new to comics, so I can't tell what she's doing there, maybe it's just a mistake, but what if not? I mean, this is pure speculation. But still I'm new in comics and I can't tell who she looks like. I don't see a "Ms. Marvel" there, but, again, maybe... Maybe it's just a mistake, a extra in Thor 3, I can't read mind, more if I don't know whose mind.

It kinda amazed me that nobody out there has said anything about this, anyway...

And then, again seeking for something interesting again in IMDb, I found that there is already a Black Panther page. I know that Feige already talked about Black Panther and Ms. Marvel, but this is still kinda great.

Can anyone recommend me any of their books?
Can anyone recommend me any of their books?

Also I found that Punisher Netflix Series I saw that someone already noticed that. And there is also a Black Widow show there. And in Marvel Studios page appears that they're producing The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Maybe I'm just too uninformed and saying stupid thing. I'm new. But, what do you think? Tell me in the comment! (And also tell me if it's everything OK with the article/post/whatever)



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