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Double extra credit if you get the title of this article!! ;)

Currently in production at HBO:"West World" a weekly series.

Starring a whole bunch of awesome talent; Evan Rachel Ward( Sophia-Anne Leclerq-"True Blood"), James Marsden (Cyclops/Scott Summers-"X-Men" movies), Ed Harris ( Virgil "Bud" Brigman"The Abyss"), Thandie Newton ( Grace Travis "Rogue"), Sir Anthony Hopkins (..oh come on, know...)

Written and directed by Michael Crichton ( author;Jurassic Park, The Lost World,Congo,Sphere) 1973 "Westworld".

Spoilers if you have no idea about the original film, it's sequel "Futureworld" and spin off tv show "Beyond Westworld".

Delos is an adult theme park that has 3 'worlds', Roman World, Medieval World and Westworld. These 'worlds' are populated with androids that are there for the participants to have a wonderful time. The humans always win in any fight. And the androids are there for the humans,...pleasure. ;)

Had this been on any other cable channel chances are it could be handled, poorly.

A modern take on this can move the characters and stories into areas the 1973 film could only hint at.

My hope is the 'worlds' have a bit more variety as there is already "Games of Thrones"(Medieval World-ish), "Spartacus" and it's cool series off shoots. And if the Magical Kingdom keeps expanding, so should Delos.

Here are some possible 'worlds' suggestions.........

Norman Rockwell World--A perfect place where everything is perfect. Great for the human that wants to live life, a stress free life.

Cartoon Alley World--Everything is vibrant, outrageous. Where everything ends with a SPLAT!!

Dali World--If Salvador Dali was God, this would be what he would create.

So very very excited for this! Have my bag of chips planned out. And can't wait for the first episode!!


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