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"You want to get nuts?! Come on! Let's get nuts!" If there is ever a line speaking about an actor's career it is of Mr. Michael Keaton. Perhaps seeing him a lot more lately (Guy was in the new "Robocop", "The Other Guys", and "Cars" in the last 7 years) makes me want to speak about this guy. An underdog in films who, after his work in Tim Burton's "Batman" and "Batman Returns", seemed to have disappeared into obscurity with mostly small supporting roles.

You know it's hard not to love Keaton though, especially being the reason he didn't return to do "Batman Forever" was out of integrity. He was over $15 MILLION to return at the time but didn't like the idea of the series going in a lighter direction. He's always been that regular guy who I just love seeing on camera because, regardless of his initial comedic background, he can actually be quite the dramatic actor in other films like 2004's "Live From Baghdad", 2006's "The Last Time", and 2014's "Birdman". More on that last one in a minute. And seriously, it's not like his list of genres has been limited. "Batman" (Superhero genre), "Much Ado About Nothing" (Shakespeare and romantic comedy genre), "Jackie Brown" (Crime Drama genre), and Beetlejuice (Fantasy and comedy genres).

"So...we're both very close to Tim Burton huh?"
"So...we're both very close to Tim Burton huh?"

The point is, I see so many new breeds of actors every day that I think sometimes we forget these guys. Those ones that, just because they ain't the biggest stars, are just as talented. Sure Keaton's always had a comedic edge to most of his roles but with recent work like in "Robocop", where he was easily one of the best parts of the movie as a vindictive money-making CEO, I'm starting to feel the guy deserves a comeback. And that brings me to my point.


"Let's Get Back Into the Swing of Things!"
"Let's Get Back Into the Swing of Things!"

Let's just clarify here. Keaton is starring a film as a washed-up actor who was known for playing a superhero and turned down doing more to explore other roles (Sound familiar?). Accompanied by such actors as Edward Norton and even Emma Stone in a surprisingly intense part (Never saw her as much of an actress before), I see this film being Keaton's sort of tour de force. A film that takes everything he was as an actor and a star and merging it with a creative and mind-bending comedy-drama tale.

Not to mention it's directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who directed the Academy Award-nominated films "21 Grams" and "Biutiful". I'm a sucker for comebacks and seeing the trailers for the film makes me a feel a sense of hope for a truly undervalued actor. Could "Birdman" be his chance at success? Could Keaton finally get a shot to show his acting prowess to possible award-winning levels? I'm determined to say yes and hope to see this film when it comes out in the US in October. I mean everyone deserves that chance...why not an actor whose entertained us for nearly 40 years?! A fan can hope.


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