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Bryant Goodman

THIS IS ALSO NOT WHAT THE ACTUAL FILM WILL BE LIKE WE JUST USED THIS STYLE ONLY FOR THIS TRAILER. Dave Penn Vs. Himself is a film directed by Brandt Goodman and stars Noah Norton, Kassidy Rice, Daniel Vigil, Madi Ramirez and Logan Ferry. Dave Penn is an unofficial spin off to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Dave Penn will be release on Youtube and premiered at a select location on September 12th.

Dave Penn has recently returned from a trip to Toronto, Canada where he has witnessed many strange things. He has also realized that he is falling for his best friend, Celeste. The only problem is that someone wants to fight Dave over Celeste, the last thing he wants. Dave's friends try to help Dave but only make it worse. Dave has to learn to stand up for himself.


What did you guys think of it?


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