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As if Disney Princesses weren't kick-ass enough, some amazingly talented cosplayers have armored up our favorite royal gals! The princesses were attending the Anime Revolution in Vancouver and even managed to fight off a few assailants as they did!

It's worth noting that each of the costumes were made by the girls wearing them! That's some serious commitment to your art!



I love the armor coupled with the fur trim, and don't even get me started on those bad-ass boots. I know some of you might be thinking that she's showing a lot of skin, but you gotta remember- the cold never bothered her anyway.



Hell yeah, Jasmine! Don't let the cute headband fool you. Cross this Disney princess and she WILL cut you.

Bonus extra: scroll up and check out her amazing shoes in the group shot!



The shoulder pad armor! The pumpkin coach embossed shield! That tutu! What more can I say?!



While I'm not seeing all that much armor on Anna, I'm loving that she got a cutlass and kept her awesome cape.



Ok, I'm pretty sure Ariel is my fave. Firstly, that trident is amazing and that mermaid scale shin armor is pretty wicked. Secondly: Is that golden barnacle shoulder armor?!


Snow White

I'm going to be honest here: in the past I thought that Snow White was the worst of the Disney girls. I know, I know, but I felt like she just didn't have as much spark as the others. However, this costume changes my mind completely! She definitely doesn't look like a girl to be trifled with!



I'm so glad that someone armored up Megara! As a character, she just doesn't get enough recognition- free-spirited, cynical and quick-witted, what's not to love! This golden armor is perfect, especially the leg shields.



Who is your favorite armored up Princess?


Source: io9


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