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If there was ever a reason to pursue your fandom with passion, this story might be it.

The new series of Doctor Who debuted this weekend to glowing reviews for new Doctor Peter Capaldi, who proved to be totally badass for fighting in Victorian garb, and battling a dinosaur thrown in for good measure.

But the Doctor wasn't the only thing to get a face lift: the iconic show titles had also changed, getting a new spiral cog design:

Pretty cool, huh? Well it's even cooler when you hear the story behind the new titles.

Back in September, motion graphics designer Billy Hanshaw posted this video on YouTube:

Look familiar? That's because Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat saw the video on YouTube and contacted Hanshaw personally to ask for his help in the redesign. Hanshaw said:

I had to pinch myself because I didn’t know if it was really happening.

And the rest is beautiful fandom history. Hanshaw went to work for the BBC and his titles remain almost unchanged in the finished product.

It's an incredible gift from one devoted fan to his favorite show, and in return, he'll go down in Doctor Who history - which as we know, is a pretty exciting time-space continuum to be in:


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