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The Star Wars franchise really is intent on taking over the entire galaxy. Of course, we've always had Star Wars video games - some of which are iconic and incredible in their own right - but now the Disney-Lucas machine has churned out a mobile RTS game akin to Clash of Clans.

Called Star Wars: Commander, the iOS game see's you join either the Rebels or Empire and build up a settlement and army of your own. You can then use your forces to raid other players bases to gain more resources or simply to be a bit of a dick. Disney has just released a new trailer, check it out below:

Star Wars: Commander
Star Wars: Commander
Star Wars: Commander gameplay image
Star Wars: Commander gameplay image
Star Wars: Commander features the full array of vehicles, weapons and technology from the Star Wars universe. Players who rally to the Rebellion will call upon iconic heroes such as Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia to support missions for justice and freedom, while leaders of the Imperial forces will command AT-ATs, TIE fighters and Stormtroopers to gain control of the galaxy.

Of course, the fact this is a game only for the iPad, iPhone and iPod might upset some Star Wars AND gaming fans for probably different reasons. Firstly, none iOS owning Star Wars fans have been excluded, while secondly gamers might feel that churning out a CoC clone is a bit cheap. Especially when these games often rely on real-world cash micro-transactions in order to proceed at a reasonable speed. They are in many respects, more of a cash-cow than anything else.

Having said that, there some impressive looking upcoming Star Wars video games, especially DICE's multiplayer first-person shooter, Battlefront 3.

If you did want to get your hands on Star Wars Commander, you can download if from the Apple App Store today.


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