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Warning: Potential Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers to follow. Proceed with caution.

The word on the street over at The Talking Dead Fans is that a dead cast member showed up on set of The Walking Dead Season 5, and I don't mean as a walker.

David Morrissey aka The Governor made a return to set this week but with filming of Season 5 well underway and the premiere rapidly approaching you have to wonder why he was there. After all, he is supposed to be dead.

So why is he lurking around? Well, I have three theories:


1. Flashback or dream scenes

With Tara now joining the group at Terminus there's definitely room for flashbacks to the time she spent with her family and 'Brian Heriot.'

Ok ok, don't give me that look, I'll admit this one seems a little unlikely seeing as we never actually saw The Governor or Tara in the area where they're currently (Senoia, Georgia).


What about him appearing in Tara's dream scenes? After all, losing your entire family because of one man's twisted revenge agenda has to be seriously messing with her head and we allllll know what happens on The Walking Dead when you have some intense mental issues going on....

Lori, managing to screw stuff up even after death.
Lori, managing to screw stuff up even after death.


2. Death dinner party!

In case you haven't heard about the awesome Walking Dead death dinner tradition, basically when a cast member is killed off, cast members of past and present are invited to attend a dinner party send off. David Morrissey could have definitely been attending one of these...But WHO FOR?

If you've read our trailer breakdown for Season 5 you'll know that Glenn is looking ripe for the chop from those creeps over at Terminus

We also have strong suspicions that Bob may not make it to the end of the premiere of Season 5

Surely the death of either of those characters would be a good reason for an old cast member to be lurking round the set?


3. He was simply visiting friends

The last, and most boring, theory is that he was simply visiting friends. After all, The Walking Dead cast do seem like a pretty cool bunch, who wouldn't want to go back and visit once in a while?



Why do you think David Morrissey was back on set?

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans


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