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Jess O'Kane

It seems like Chris Brown can't go anywhere without attracting attention. Only this time, the famous wife-beater got served a spoonful of his own medicine.

Brown held an pre-VMAs bash at club 10OAK yesterday, when at around 1.30 am shots were fired inside the club, sending people running for their lives.

Sounds scary enough, but the details are even stranger.

Four people were hit, including Death Row Records CEO and walking target Suge Knight. Knight took six bullets before calmly getting into a police car and waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

But then again, this is the man who once dangled Vanilla Ice off a balcony and who was shot in the leg at Kanye's pre-VMAs party in 2005.

Brown himself is reported to have shouted from a balcony as the shooting occurred below him and hundreds of people fled. Apparently high on life, he exited unscathed in his morally-devoid-mobile.

Three other people were injured, one critically. Fingers crossed Brown doesn't actually have the kiss of death.

(Source: Dlisted)


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