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A newly revealed copy of Action Comics No.1 has absolutely smashed records for highest price ever paid for a comic.

A pristine copy of the 1938 issue fetched a whopping $3,207,852.00 at auction. The previous record for an American comic book was $2.1 million, paid in 2011 when Nicolas Cage sold his copy of Action Comics No. 1.

Action Comics No. 1 is the most valuable comic-book of all time. It features the first appearance of many superheroes, including Superman, and is considered the beginning of the super-hero genre.

$3,207,852.00 is definitely not a bad return on a $1.69 investment (adjusted for 2014 inflation). So, let's take a look at what other superhero bits and pieces you could buy with $3.2 million.


3 Batman costumes

To buy a set of Batman's awesome gear you're looking at just over $1 million, so you could easily afford to buy yourself three sets with a little spending change to tuck away where every Batman would keep his loose change...Under his belt? A special pocket in his cape?


Some (but not all) of Iron Man's suit

While you definitely couldn't afford the entire Iron Man suit you could afford to kit yourself out with some pretty sweet parts. Maybe the thigh-mounted flare deployment system, shoulder-mounted anti-personnel guns and the back and shoulder-mounted allerons? All three would set you back a cool $2.9 million so you'd even have a bit of change for a car, perhaps the Audi R8 Spyder at a reasonable $152,000?


3/4 of the original Batmobile

The original Batmobile recently sold for a crazy $4.6mil, so while you might have to stump up a bit more cash for the whole vehicle you would own a kick-ass piece of superhero memorabilia.


174, 179 Superman dog costumes

You could turn every pooch in your state into Superman. Why wouldn't you want this?! Best use of $3.2 million ever!


Source: Hollywood Reporter


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