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In what seemed to be a move to hit the promotional trail for his upcoming movie Fantastic Four, an unverified twitter account claiming to be Josh Trank returning to the social media platform has since been deleted and revealed as a hoax. The account (josh_trank) "leaked" a photo of The Thing before taking on a Q&A with fans. During the Q&A, the account owner answered questions that seemed to quell some of the skepticism and rage over the film, including his decision to cast Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch:

I didn't choose to make Johnny black. I chose to make Michael Johnny.

Shortly after the Q&A began, Steven Weintraub of Collider tweeted that the account was actually a fake, and the Trank didn't hold the Q&A. "Someone I trust and would know tells me @josh_trank is not Josh," said Weintraub. "Do not follow or believe the tweets."

My thoughts exactly!
My thoughts exactly!

The account fooled several news sites, including ComicBookResources, Bleeding Cool, and even some of us!

The big giveaway for this hoax was the photo of The Thing -- which was leaked earlier this year and promptly followed by several take-down orders from the higher-ups at 20th Century Fox.


While so many of the answers were quite believable, tiny details like this are key when it comes to disproving leaks. Always look for inconsistencies and believe nothing!


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