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Silver Surfer, Deadpool and much much more announced for the marvel cinematic universe. After a quick visit to IMDb I looked up Stan Lee, and and then all of a sudden all of the upcoming marvel movies popped up!

This is what I found after 2014:

Avengers Age of Ultron: 2015

The Fantastic Four: 2015

Ant-Man: 2015

The Hands of Shang-Li

Silver Surfer

Nick Fury


Stan Lees Annihilator: 2015

Luke Cage (TV): 2015

Iron Fist (TV): 2015

X-Force: 2016

Doctor Strange: 2016

Untitled Wolverine Sequel: 2017

Fantastic Four 2: 2017

The Amazing Spiderman 3: 2018

and a Video short called Avengers confidential: Black Widow and Punsher

including all of these in which Stan Lee is a writer:

Daredevil (TV)

Sinster Six

Untitled Daredevil Reboot

Black Widow

Amazing Spiderman 4

Jessica Jones (TV)

The Defenders (TV)

Your welcome Marvel Movie Fan Lovers!!!

If you see anything else that you would want as a movie it might still be good just might not have stan lee announced yet.

Dont believe me? look up Stan Lee on IMDb

That is all thanks for reading


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