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IN THE DARK is a horrifying thriller where a young college student is house sitting for her boss, who’s going out of town for a few days. For our young protagonist, this is not only a job, but an opportunity to spend some time with her boyfriend and friends, and have a fun filled weekend in this immense gothic house. But as our story progresses they encounter an evil force that finds its power in the shadows, and the large house where they are staying is filled with dark corners, making this place perfect for an atmospheric -edge of your seat- horror roller coaster ride.

In the vein of movies such as "Halloween" and "Insidious", IN THE DARK will keep the audience on the edge of their seat for a thrilling & cinematic roller coaster ride.

Check out Jose Zambrano Cassella's past films including this trailer for THE SACRED!

Here's another Feature Film Directed by Jose Zambrano Cassella! SECOND COMING!

Jose is also a sought after Cinematographer for several popular films like:

Anthony DiBlasi -"CASSADAGA", Ric La Monte - "THE TENANT", Tara Cardinal - "LEGEND OF THE RED REAPER", and several more! See if you can recognize some of these and others as well as Jose's awarding winning commercials and music videos in the below "Video-Reel"

The Rewards offered include Signed Posters, Signed DVD, A behind the scenes limited edition DVD, Visit the set while filming, A shout out on video from Cast Members, A walk on role!!, Producer Credit, Your name in the Credits!! and much more!

This Kickstarter campaign is to complete funding needed for the film. We've already started to collect funds from investors and have a great start!!

Please help this INDY Film continue the great momentum it started! Your $5 pledge ensures the excitement continues and this film gets made!


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