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Yes, I understand that casting rumors for the 2016 Marvel Phase III film, Doctor Strange, are about as useful as parody official movie trailers (interesting, but pointless) until we actually know who the studio will select.

The shortlist is a really long list, basically, but this time, we have a name who Marvel is admitting to be pretty excited about, which is good enough for me and hopefully you.

Jack Huston as Richard in "Boardwalk Empire."
Jack Huston as Richard in "Boardwalk Empire."

That name belongs to Jack Huston, who you may know as Richard Harrow from HBO's Boardwalk Empire. But if you haven't seen the show, then you may be scratching your head over who the guy is and why he deserves to be Sorcerer Supreme. Let's discuss.

First off, he's an English actor in his 30s, though you probably wouldn't expect the accent to pop up in the movie (Stephen Strange is American, or at least he's supposed to be).

One of his first roles was Flavius in the 2004 miniseries, Spartacus (no, not that Spartacus with the blood, sand and whatnot). He later picked up a few minor roles here and there, including horror cult hit, Shrooms, in which he played film geek, Jake. He also made an appearance in the 2008 film, Outlander.

Jack Huston and Jim Caviezel in "Outlander."
Jack Huston and Jim Caviezel in "Outlander."

Slowly, but surely, Huston got involved in bigger projects, though with minor roles. He played Royce King in Twilight: Eclipse (yeah, I didn't see it either), and at around the same time he was cast as a guest star in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, which jumpstarted his career and recognition. After Season 1, his character, who only appeared in a few episodes, was elevated to series regular.

In 2011 and beyond, Huston finally received starring roles in a few minor films. They included Wilde Salome (directed by Al Pacino), Not Fade Away, Two Jacks, and Night Train to Lisbon.

Jake Huston and Meredith Ostrom in "Boogie Woogie."
Jake Huston and Meredith Ostrom in "Boogie Woogie."

Since then, he's shown up in other big projects like American Hustle, but he has not yet been tapped for a starring role in a major film. Until (possibly) now.

For Marvel standards, he's almost a shoe-in on paper. He's young enough to hang around for a while in the MCU, he's well-known (but not expensive), and he has the potential to be a breakout star in his own right akin to Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. It won't be very surprising if he's selected in the coming weeks or months.

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