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I had a chance to sit down with actor/writer Adam Simon at this year's Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con. We got to talking about the Comic Con, amazing artwork, hot chicks and his upcoming project that he wrote and will star in, a SCI-FI thriller named SYNAPSE!

Actor / Director: Adam Simon
Actor / Director: Adam Simon

This is what we had to talk about... at least everything that was related to the film:

Well Adam, let me know about SYNAPSE?

"Let me tell you man! If you like sci-fi you're going to really love SYNAPSE!! Imagine: it's the future and people are still getting high! But not on drugs... but with other peoples MEMORIES!"

Well damn dude, that actually sounds pretty cool!

"YEAH, It is! It really is!! It's being directed by this badass guy named Kenlon Clark! He's done some killer music videos for guys like 50 Cent! He's super creative and super imaginative!!"

What else can you tell me about it so far?

"Well it stars Joshua Alba who is just an ALPHA DOG of a man, and is brother to Jessica Alba. There is a killer cast with Sophina Brown who is super sexy and super badass in the film. Henry Simmons of NYPD fame. Also myself and many other great people are involved."

When can we expect Synapse to come out?

"We're shooting for a November release. We are going to premiere it at a film festival, then do a premiere here in Chicago!"

So I'm getting an invite to the premier right?

"Of course dude!! I'm SOOOOOOO HAPPY that I got to talk to!!! You're definitely getting an invite!!"

Well thank you Adam Simon, it was really great to bump into you and we'll for sure keep in touch!!

Adam Simon - SYNAPSE
Adam Simon - SYNAPSE

If you have not had the chance to meet Adam Simon at some sort of convention or movie premiere... you just have to meet this guy! I like a fellow witty funny man and Adam is up there with the quickest and funniest I've ever met! That's just the bonus to what this man also has to offer with his good guy attitude and big heart. I guess the chicks can dig on him a bit too but that's not my cup of tea, HA!! More info pictures, teasers on the movie are provided in the links at bottom of this blog.

SYNAPSE - Screen Shoots
SYNAPSE - Screen Shoots
SYNAPSE - Screen Shots
SYNAPSE - Screen Shots

Synapse is the story of an addict memory dealer who is chased relentlessly by federal narcotics agents in pursuit of a secret buried deep within his mind. "Mems", as they are know on the street, were developed by the United States military in assisting soldiers who suffered brain trauma in combat. After a leak by a government informant, the technology explodes globally allowing anyone the ability to mold their memories how they see fit. Synapse is a branch of the DEA tasked with stamping out the illegal MEM trade.

SYNAPSE - Screen Shoot
SYNAPSE - Screen Shoot

Nathan Stafford works as an undercover enforcement agent working in a city ravaged by drugs and gang warfare. When Nathan begins working with a low level MEM dealer, he learns a secret that places him and his family in danger. With time running out, the two adversaries must work together or die fighting against a corrupt agency and a system bent on their destruction.



Written By: Adam Simon

Starring -






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For more info on the movie check out the links below.

Teaser trailer:


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