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When you think of a popular anchorman the first name that comes to mind is Ron Burgundy. Now throw in the personality of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy and you have a unique twist of dark comedy and horror in a film entitled, The Newscaster.

The news graphics in this one really pop out and bring out that news anchor world in this horror short/ trailer. The music used really gives off an eerie and uncomfortable feeling for what's about to happen. You continue to watch then you get some real disturbing images of an old man enjoying the torture of a young woman in restraints.

Back and fourth you are shown what the day is like at work for this newscaster then, see how drastically different things are in his personal life. The result is a very original and interesting storyline that fortunately does not end with this 5- minute short.

The film is actually a teaser for the upcoming feature that the producers are trying to raise money for on Kickstarter. If after watching this short you are blown away then, show your support of The Newscaster by simply sharing it to help get this horror film made.

Click Here to watch the 5-minute teaser trailer of The Newscaster.


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