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Sin City is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I can watch it four times in a row. I remember the exact place and time when I first saw it. For nine years I heard Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez were right at the cusp of a sequel but the longer the wait, the higher the expectations. And while they seem to have checked off every important trait for a Frank Miller film (graphic novel design, deep voice narration, splashes of red blood, stone cold babes and outlaw protagonists) something just fell short in A Dame To Kill For.

Here is my full video review of the new Sin City, complete with a full on comparison with the 2005 film, confusion over the appearance of characters that died previously and a whole minute on Eva Green's nudity in this film. Sorry, but it can't be helped. It's a topic all on its own.

My biggest problem with the film is that the stories felt very black and white. There was no real complexity to them and it became pretty easy to guess how it was all going to end. In comparison with the one from 2005, it didn't have the twists and turns that kept it interesting - even when it slowed down- nor did it have such likable main characters like Marv (Mickey Rourke), John Hartigan (Bruce Willis) and Dwight (Clive Owen).

[Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374) is watchable and it doesn't deserve intense amount of hate, but I am sure it won't be memorable for many fans.


Who is your favorite Sin City character?

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