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Different Year, Same Results

Many familiar names were called at this year’s 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Names like Cranston, Paul, Louis-Dreyfus, Margulies, Gunn, Parsons and Burrell were heard throughout the night giving each respected actor and actress another Emmy for their mantel. The night was especially nice to the final season of Vince Gilligan’s acclaimed series Breaking Bad, giving the show major wins in 5 of the biggest categories.

One of the major frontrunners for this year’s Emmys in the drama category was HBO’s [True Detective](series:755331). HBO decided to submit the series as a drama series instead of a miniseries, which proved to be a mistake. Doing this allowed for the FX series [Fargo](series:1076400) to go home with the best miniseries trophy.

When it came to comedy Modern Family took home the top honor of best series, best supporting actor, as well as a few other technical awards. Louie won for best writing, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for best actress and Jim Parsons for best actor.

For the first time since 1977 the primetime Emmy telecast ran on a Monday night. Usually taking up the Sunday Night spot in mid-September the show was moved so that it would not clash with Monday Night Football.

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