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It seems like everyone is talking about the possibility of a female superhero movie from Marvel Studios. As the only female Avenger on screen so far and one of only two who hasn’t had a feature film yet, Black Widow is at the top of that list. Fans continue to talk about it passionately. Reporters like this one ask about it with increasing frequency. Kevin Feige and other Marvel Studios executives dance around it, saying it's "in development" - but so are seemingly 40 other Marvel properties.

Now one prominent filmmaker has come out and said he’d like to direct it. Neil Marshall, who has genre experience with HBO’s "Game of Thrones" (which features more than its fair share of strong female characters, to boot) told Vanity Fair, “I would love to do a [Black Widow](movie:1070824) movie.”

The writer and director said the character is “perfect” for what he would like to do. “That character is really interesting, she doesn’t have any superpowers, she just has extraordinary skills, and the world that she comes from, being this ex-K.G.B. assassin, I find that really fascinating, yeah.” He explained that not being able to identify with super powered characters keeps him away from them a bit.

That, of course wouldn't be the case if he were to helm a feature film starring Natasha Romanov. The combination of Scarlett Johansson and Marshall might be too much for Marvel Studios to resist.

I mean any doubt that ScarJo would be a draw in an action movie of her own were dispelled with the success of "Lucy". Teaming her with the writer/director behind one of the most critically acclaimed, buzz-worthy TV shows would give the project gravitas and credibility.

Marshall, too, has shown he can helm a film with a kickass female lead with "Doomsday" a 2008 British-American science fiction thriller film he wrote and directed. The film takes place in the future. Scotland has been quarantined because of a deadly virus. When the virus is found in London, political leaders send a team led by Major Eden Sinclair, played by Rhona Mitra, to Scotland to find a possible cure. Sinclair's team runs into two types of survivors: marauders and medieval knights.

"Doomsday" was conceived by Marshall based on the idea of futuristic soldiers facing medieval knights. In producing the film, he drew inspiration from various movies, including "Mad Max", "Escape from New York" and "28 Days Later".

The results were impressive, as the following video shows.

"Doomsday" had three times the miniscule budget of Marshall's well-received horror movies, "The Descent" and "Dog Soldiers".

Being a director known not only for the quality of his work but for getting the most out of his budgets had to be enticing for a cost-conscious company like Marvel Studios.

This would be an almost perfect fit for everyone. Time to make it a reality!


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