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We all know in the world of parenting it's definitely moms who get the most recognition, but every now and then we've gotta remember to share the love with those weird, pun-cracking, embarrassing guys we call dad.

Check out some awesome dads who deserve acknowledgement for rocking this whole parenting thing:


This dad who pimps out his wheelchair-bound son's costumes

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's the best dad ever here to collect his trophy.


This dad who nailed The Walking Dead cosplay

I'm gonna say it: best Walking Dead cosplay ever! Extra points for showing true commitment and cutting off his arms...


This Doc Ock dad and his little Spidergirl

This superdad is actually actor Patton Oswalt! I guess he's technically a villain, but he's playing a villain to the cutest Superhero of all time.


This Batmobile mechanic dad who pimped his daughter's ride

Looks like he installed it with permanent stealth mode - no pesky headlights or engine noise to ruin the element of surprise in this bad boy.


This Superdad running errands with his Superson

"Alright son, we're just gonna pick up some nuts and bolts here and some jet blasters in the next aisle"


This Wolverine dad with Wolverine Jr.

Ok, I'm not even 100% sure this isn't just Hugh Jackman.


This superhero movie making dad

I've written about this dad before, but c'mon, how awesome is he for turning his son into a superhero!?

This is for all the awesome dads out there, you guys are the everyday superheroes to your kids.


Which is your favorite?

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