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These days my Walking Dead excitement levels are reaching fever pitch and now Funko has gone and released a new line of Walking Dead Pop! figures. Including four of the survivors and two iconic walkers it's probably their best Walking Dead line yet.

Check out your future purchases below:



This prison version of Glenn is pretty awesome with his gun accessories, though it's too bad it doesn't involve his riot gear!



Tyreese, his hammer and those dramatic eyebrows - what's not to love!



The Comic-Con limited edition Hershel was pretty awesome but at least with this version we can remember him as the sweet old man he was rather than that bloody neck stump.


Teddy Bear Girl

The Teddy Bear Girl sets the tone for the whole Walking Dead series - once you see a child zombie being shot in the head you know that this is a show that isn't gonna hold back! Pretty cool to see her as a figurine.


Well Walker

The most infamous of all the walkers on The Walking Dead has finally been immortalized as an amazing pull apart figurine! I have a feeling that this one will sell out almost immediately.



Hell yeah Carol! Complete with handgun, knife AND combat boots this figurine is just as bad-ass as the real character.

I can't wait until these are in stores but more importantly I can't wait until The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, roll on Sunday, October 12!


What Walking Dead figurine do you want the most?


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