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So I would like to start off by saying it is great to be contributing to and I wanted to have my first article be something interesting but not too mainstream for the moment. Also I was given this movie by my older brother when i asked to borrow something I hadn't seen. He gave this to me and told me that i NEEDED to watch it and that i shouldnt read the back or look up reviews or anything. "JUST WATCH IT, YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!" is what he said. Now to the review...


Afflicted opened with average credits and no song playing as they rolled......Then.....FOUND FOOTAGE (i was pissed at first because i feel like even though it can be used correctly the majority of found footage films feel forced or gimmicky). To my surprise i was extremely invested in both main characters very quickly into the movie(6 minutes to be exact). In those first 6 minutes the two main characters are introduced, there is Derek Lee who has a very rare condition that means his brain can basically give out on him at any moment, so he wants to travel the world for a year and live out his dreams but he needs someone to watch his back as well. Cue Clif, Clif is dereks longtime best friend who has always had his back and stuck by his side, he is his companion on this trip and is documenting it for people to see their amazing journey(not too bad of a found footage concept i might add).

So they have a going away party with throwaway characters that mean nothing to the story then they are off to their first destination. Meanwhile dereks family disagrees with the entire idea of the trip fearing he will get injured. When we arrive at their first stop they meet with friends in a band and travel to paris with them. While in Paris they all try getting Derek laid. "Just say i have a brain aneurism wanna have sex?" clif even says jokingly. Finally we see derek with a very attractive girl, so as good friends should(lol) they decide to cockblock him while hes in the room with the woman. When they open the door they find Derek knocked out with cuts and a head wound with no woman in sight. Over the next few hours Derek sleeps most of the day away. When he finally gets out Derek cannot consume food because he pukes it all up for some reason. Clif suggests going to the hospital but Derek declines because he believes the doctors will not let him leave if he goes due to his condition. At lunch Derek acts strange and his skin is also getting very irritated for some wierd reason.

During a fit of rage as Clif tries to convince Derek to go to the hospital Derek punches a huge hole through the wall(pure drywall). They test his newfound "powers"(it gets very Chronicle-esque for a little). As the days go by Derek still cant hold down any food. (at this point my girlfriend thought he might be possessed by the girl from paris but i wasnt convinced, i was still confused but then it all became clear when he craved one thing) BLOOD!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! i was watching a vampire movie and i didnt know it until like halfway through. They try old blood, then pigs blood, but they realize it has to be fresh human blood so they try robbing a bloodbank which backfires and gives the authorities all their information. Derek tells Clif if it gets worse to leave so nothing bad happens. Clif cannot leave his bestfriend and eventually suffers the consequences and a cruel death at the hands of his best friend.



Derek shown crying and apologizing to Clif and to everyone. Derek sees only one solution, track down the mysterious woman from Paris because it had to have started with her(he keeps the cameras rolling to honor Clif). after some pretty amazing low-budget special effects and some chase scenes involving interpol, local police, and somehow Dereks brother(used by interpol to draw him out i guess). Derek finally gets to paris and finds his own little batcave while searching for the woman and trying not to feed. Eventually he catches a break and finds her phone and texts every number in it and waits hoping it will lead somewhere. And it leads to an old man that clearly knows the woman and seems to be helping her in someway. Derek tells the man he will stay here until the woman comes or until he cannot hold off on feeding anymore and he eats him.

The woman shows up and tells Derek he was a mistake. They have a pretty good tussle then she says there is no cure and if Derek doesnt feed then he will turn to something much worse. She says you have to kill but you can choose who to kill. Derek then tells his family over the cameras that he cannot come home as he is dangerous and immortal now (nothing kills these vamps not even a wooden stake through the heart). He is shown to only kill bad people as he munches on a child murdere/rapist(isnt made clear).


We see three young people going midnight swimming.....they get half naked...then Clif eats them and is shown to be the "worse thing you can become" if not feeding. END

final review score 9/10

the originality brought to this film and the great use of found footage is what i loved the most. but this movie had great acting, screenwriting, setup, conclusion.

in a world of twilight and vampire diaries its awesome to see a vampire movie so refreshing and original that if you dont read the box and go in blind then you won't even know what its about until the characters figure it out!!! A+


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