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By the end of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” Peter Parker is left wallowing in grief, having lost the love of his life, Gwen Stacy, due to the actions of his former best friend turned deadliest foe, Harry Osborn. But a deleted scene from the “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Blu-ray shows that there was almost a surprise resurrection in store for poor Peter — but it’s not who you think.

Sadly, Gwen is still dead. On the bright side, Peter’s dad is back! Or is he? In the beginning of “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” we see Richard and his wife in a horrible plane crash. How could he have possibly survived? That’s the question on Peter’s mind, when a bearded man claiming to be Richard Parker shows up at Gwen’s grave. Well in my view its just in a disturbed state of his mind because he wasn't stable for a couple of months.

“I know this is impossible to understand, Peter,” he says. “I thought I knew what to say, but I don’t. I don’t know what to say to you — but I’m sorry. It’s me. It’s me, Peter. I’m sorry.”

Watch this deleted clip here:

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Well who do you thing that bearded man is??


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