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The news has just broke that Community star Donald Glover (Troy and Abed in the moooorning) has just been cast to voice Miles Morales in the Disney XD show, Ultimate Spider-man: Web Warriors.

Miles will come face-to-face with modern-day Peter Parker, as a plot by the Green Goblin to collect DNA from various "Spider-men" across multiple dimensions is underway. (Hopefully, this means we'll get plenty of Spider-man Noir).

Of course, we've been clamoring for Glover to snag this role pretty much since the Community star made it onto everyone's radar in 2011 as rap star, Childish Gambino. He's been a shoe-in for the role of Miles Morales (hopefully live-action too, someday) since the character was first dreamt up.

Literally. Brian Bendis was actually inspired by Glover when putting the character of Miles Morales on paper back in 2011. Talk about perfect casting, especially if Sony (who still owns the movie rights to Spider-man) ever decided to make a movie for Miles Morales.

But some of you may disagree...


Do you think Troy Barnes-ahem-Donald Glover would make a great Miles Morales on the big screen?

Donald Glover will debut as Miles Morales in the season premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, airing Sunday, August 31 on Disney XD.

Source:, USA Today


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