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Sometimes you have to wonder if what someone said was actually true.

If you're clueless about what I'm referring to, I am of course talking about The Last of Us. I never got my hands on the game personally, but I've watched a whole playthrough of the story, and I can definitely say that the game is absolutely amazing in its own right, albeit incomplete in terms of multiplayer, but that's another topic for another day.

In all honesty, I kinda feel like a sequel to the game is possible. I have my own idea in regards to how it plays out, even though it probably wouldn't be that good. But, I'm gonna give it a shot. If you think you can do a better job at making a sequel plot, do tell me your thoughts in the comments.

I only want a sequel just to expand on the world around the games, just to see how bad it's gotten. Cause there are so many places left that I'd love to know how the infection has affected everything.

Now, I am warning you, readers. If you haven't played the game or seen walkthroughs of it, or just know very little about it, there will be HUGE spoilers ahead, especially about the ending. So, I suggest familiarizing yourself with the story from beginning to end. Afterward, you can come back and finish reading this.

Right off the bat, my idea is that The Last of Us 2 would be direct at first, but then feel standalone in its own right as the plot progressed. And remember how Joel lied to Ellie about there were more people like her, and that the Fireflies stopped looking for a cure? Well, what if the former was true, and he didn't know it?

So, the prologue of the game starts off a few months after the end the first game. For the entire Prologue, you play as Joel. The Prologue is a means of getting used to the core game mechanics again, with the rest of the game to include new mechanics and tools.

It's summertime in Colorado, and things are going just fine for Ellie and Joel for the moment. However, things are not as great as they seem. Out of nowhere, a huge group of bandits, larger than any group ever seen, start attacking the town. The defenses are almost destroyed as the town is nearly taken over.

For the entirety of the bandit raid, you play as Joel, giving the players the last time they would ever play him.

Although they were eventually taken care of, they couldn't say the same about their defenses. At best, it would take about a week or so before everything is fixed up again. But, as bad luck would have it, the next day became a living hell.

What happened is horrifying to say the least. A hoard of Clickers (And a fair amount of Bloaters, as well) began attacking the town. However, they were able to hold them off just fine. Until...

Turns out, there were actually higher levels of infection than the Bloater. Now, I don't really have any good names as to what to call these new infected, but I can definitely say that they are a much greater threat than Bloaters alone. Think of the Chargers and Tanks from Left 4 Dead 2, just downscaled to still be bigger than a Bloater, but far more dangerous.

These new charging infected were able to destroy the defenses of the town completely, leaving the infected to enter and start causing massive havoc.

But of course, considering there was nearly 21 years worth of infection, there is in fact a chance that there were very few people who were turned in the beginning of the infection and were never killed. As a result, they went beyond a Bloater, and even beyond the Charger-type infected. Again, can't think of a good name for these things. If you want an idea of what these things look like, just think of one the multiple Necromorph minibosses from the Dead Space games with the noticeable weak spots.

And, shocker, there was in fact one of these rare infected leading the charge. However, Ellie doesn't get anywhere near it until after fighting off some Bloaters and Clickers.

By the way, these 5th level infected can kill you in one strong punch to the head. Why? Cause it's so strong that it will crush your skull and destroy your brain. And if it doesn't, it still has enough force to break your neck. So either way, you're screwed if it hits you anywhere above the chest. However, any shot to the body would cause damage to all internal organs and lead to a slower, more painful death.

We're left on a cliffhanger at the end of the Prologue in which Ellie is on the verge of being killed. Skip to about 15 years later. Many things have happened since that fateful day. The major change in things is that the new types of infected are made known everywhere that there are survivors.

I can't really think of any other gameplay changes (Minus new craftables and weapons to acquire in-game), so I'll just leave it at that.

The new protagonist of the game is named Jason, a man born in Albany, NY some time before the infection began. And unlike Joel who was pretty much unaffiliated with either the Hunters or Fireflies, this man is in fact a Hunter. However, he is far more merciful than most Hunters that usually have shoot-to-kill and kill-on-sight orders.

Now, if you haven't guessed already, Jason is important for two things, one of which I will bring up later when it's relevant. Jason, like Ellie, is in fact immune to the infection, in pretty much the same fashion.

However, Jason doesn't know that right away. But he would soon enough.

During a small mission to clear out bandits in an an abandoned building, things turn from bad to worse very quickly. Turns out, the bandits had in fact been breathing in spores for the last day. As a result, they all became infected before Jason and his team even got there.

As a result, two things happened: First, half of Jason's team were ambushed by the infected, either killed or left to be eaten alive. Next thing that happened, was that Jason was bit. However, he hid it underneath his armor and what not, preparing to commit suicide later that night.

However, he didn't feel any different when the time came for him to do it. In fact, he was just fine. Nothing seemed to be wrong with him. As a result he basically ignored the bite, but still hid it and went on with his duties like normal the next day.

Of course, we can't have a sequel without some sort of ally by the player's side. Out of anyone left on his squad, Becky, the only female member, fills in that role for the most part. You can pretty much consider Becky the major reason for why Jason is merciful, but he offers warnings of no second chances to those he spares.

Also, she's gonna be alive for most of the game. Just so you know.

Pretty much, the beginning of Jason's new journey starts him out as a Hunter going through certain experiences that change his overall perspective of the world over time. To the point where he begins to question his allegiance to the Hunters. At first, he doesn't think too much about it after the first mission you play as him, but by the third one, he goes so far as to question orders from his superiors.

Basically, 3 missions lead to Jason's defection, and Becky is still there by his side, hoping that he has a good reason for this. Oh, did I forget to mention that she finds out that he's bitten? Well, I'm sure it was inevitable, but now you know.

Jason and Becky were now on their own for the time being. However, now being seen as traitors, they would be on the Hunters' hit list. A fair amount of the game would be just trying to get away from the Hunters along with Jason going through some complex character development over time.

At the halfway point of the story, the two end up coming across a grownup Ellie, who had been able to rebuild Tommy's civilization in a new location (Which can be left up to interpretation as I wouldn't even begin to guess where they ended up). Jason felt like he knows her, but he couldn't figure out why. Soon enough, after gaining her trust, Ellie allows you to join them. With that, you're given a tour of the area, in which Jason learns about Joel...and the fact that he's not around anymore.

Ellie tells the two that he died a while back. How he died you don't find out until you start rummaging through Ellie's personal belongings and learned of her experiences that we know about in the first game. That includes something Ellie wanted to keep secret. Jason knew that Ellie was hiding the truth, mainly about Joel and who she is in correlation with him. He'd find out one way or another.

Eventually, the two were caught red-handed due to their actions. Having Jason at gunpoint, Ellie wanted to know why he would do this. Through some means, he convinces her to tell him almost everything.

Ellie retells all of the events that we've seen from her in the first game, including the Left Behind DLC which led to the events of the main story. When she mentioned that she was immune to the infection, Jason caught wind of that, and kept that in mind for later. However, there were a few things she kept to herself for the time being, now that she has a hard time trusting Jason.

She even mentions the events in the prologue, up until the cliffhanger in which Ellie hesitates to talk about, mainly out of being reminded of that day. But she does explain what happens regardless.

We're then given a flashback to the Prologue again, in which you play as Ellie during that time when the hoard of infected invaded their home and started causing incomprehensible chaos. After killing a fair amount of infected to protect her home, the rare infected came out of nowhere, killing everything in its path until it reach her, Joel and Tommy.

The rare infected attempted to kill Ellie. However, Joel got in between the infected and her, protecting her till his last breath. And, much to Ellie and Tommy's horror, the infected swiped Joel away, killing him instantly.

But Tommy just saved Ellie's life, since the rare infected happened to have an exposed cyst on its back that's big enough to shoot at, in which Tommy was able to kill the infected. Tommy then realized that Joel is dead, and Ellie was at her most afraid at that moment.

It was hard for Ellie to talk about that day, let alone what happened. Being reminded of Joel, even during all the good and bad times they've had, it brought a lot of pain that she has yet to let go.

A lot of time passes, along with a bunch of other things that could potentially take place in the game to give Jason something to do. Out of nowhere, as Jason and Becky were returning from whatever it is they were doing, they were suddenly attacked by Hunters.

The ensuing ambush was something she didn't expect. Lacking the necessary firepower to fight back, Ellie had no choice but to escape their home, bringing as many people with her as possible, including Jason and Becky.

After their escape, hoping that they got away without the Hunters knowing how, Ellie and the group tried to figure out what happened. Jason explains that the Hunters were after him and Becky, and must of found out their location on their way back. Jason explains how they defected from the Hunters a week or two and have been on the run ever since.

The group began to suspect that Jason was lying and purposely joined their group to lower their guard. Ellie then puts a stop to this. If Jason and Becky did set them up, what's the logic behind shooting their own men rather than just killing everyone? Ellie also mentions the fact that the two joined them in escaping. She doesn't know why, but she feels like she can trust him.

The moment they reached the end of the escape tunnels and returned to the outside world, however, things took a turn for the worst, or so they thought. They were surrounded by what looked to be Fireflies. But Tommy was with them, easing Ellie's mind a little. She had enough to deal with.

However, among them was a familiar face, permanently scarred from the events of the first game. It was Marlene, who had survived being shot in the head by Joel somehow. But as a result, she ended up being physically disabled for the rest of her life.

Ellie was happy to see Marlene, and vice versa. However, Marlene was happy for another reason. Being set back from creating a vaccine for years did not bode well for the Fireflies. Marlene ordered her men to take Ellie away, not allowing her to escape this time.

Jason, however, through some sort of instinct, ended up having Marlene at gunpoint, demanding her to release Ellie. Tommy tried to defuse the situation, but his words fell on deaf ears. Becky tried to get Jason to lower his weapon, but this time he wouldn't listen.

Marlene asked who Jason was. And without even thinking, he immediately shot the two men holding Ellie in their heads, aiming back at Marlene right away. He explains that he and Becky are defected Hunters, being on the run for weeks. Marlene was intrigued by this, as she never expected anyone to ever do that.

Ellie then interjects, wondering why Marlene tried to take her away, explaining to her what Joel told Ellie all those years ago. Marlene laughed at this, telling Ellie that she had been lied to. It was hard to believe at first, but coming from Marlene, it hit Ellie hard. She continued to explain that because of Joel's actions all those years ago, they had been set back from creating a vaccine that could have saved millions of lives already.

Jason asks how the vaccine would be made, but Marlene made it clear that it was none of his or Becky's business. However, Jason believed otherwise. He then proceeded to reveal his bite wound, which shocked everyone, including Ellie. Jason had guns aimed at him all over by the Fireflies, minus Tommy of course, who tried to calm everyone down. But again, nobody listened to him since he is no longer an official Firefly, but just an acquaintance of them.

Jason explains that the bite was three weeks old at the least, similar to when Joel learned that Ellie was bitten three weeks prior to meeting him. He pretty much makes it clear that Ellie wasn't the only one who's immune, and that he just so happened to have been born before the infection had first begun. This surprises everybody, except for Becky who knew about it for a while.

Marlene never knew there were others immune to the infection. Though, she figured that the chances of more people like that existing was very small. However, considering the fact that Ellie was born with immunity, she had a hunch as to how Jason could be immune as well.

However, as if things weren't unexpected enough, a little boy within Ellie's group that survived stepped up, making it clear that he was immune as well. He didn't have a bite to prove it, but he said he figured it out because he breathed in spores like they were nothing. It's how Ellie found him to begin with, keeping that secret since then.

Marlene felt like this was just getting ridiculous and decided to take Ellie, Jason and the kid away. Now they had three people that were immune. That's triple the amount of vaccines and more people to save, at least in Marlene's eyes.

Tommy tried one last time to stop this, but ended up being shot and left for dead as a result. And anyone else who would try to stop them would receive the same punishment. There was nothing anyone else could do, so they just let it all happen.

From this point onward, you would play as Becky for a little while, who gladly intends on breaking her friends out ASAP.

To do this, she needed to get into contact with the only person within the Hunters she is able to trust. He name is Raymond, and used to be with Jason and Becky as a three-man squad, until he got promoted to a squad captain. After getting in contact with him to meet her in an undisclosed location, Becky asked for his assistance.

She explains that Jason has been taken by the Fireflies, along with two others that her and Jason had befriended. Raymond was the only she can trust to follow through with this. However, as if luck was not on their side, the building they were in started to fall apart slightly, the sound it made being loud enough for Runners and Clickers to head to their position.

They knew they couldn't hold out there for long, but they at least tried to hold their position until they found a way out. Think of this almost like what happens when you took control of Ellie in the last game for a while, including moments in the Left Behind DLC where she was going through the mall looking for supplies for Joel.

However, in this case, they were able to escape, blocking off their exit to prevent the infected from giving chase. Now having some room to breathe, Raymond accepted Becky's request. He would make sure not to divulge specific details to his men to prevent Jason from being killed. He would in fact tell his squad and all nearby men in the area about the Fireflies' holdout, preparing an all-out assault.

You play as Becky for a little bit longer before the assault began and when it starts, in which during the time, she sneaks around the facility, which was in fact an abandoned prison that was originally teeming with infected. But after clearing the facility, the Fireflies were able to make a home base out of it. And luckily, it had an infirmary in which they would set up what was necessary to make the vaccine.

She was looking for anything and everything she could beforehand about what it is the Fireflies might do to one of the guys. When she found out that the immunity came from the cordyceps in their brains, she realized they would be killed instantly if the surgery went through, which horrified her.

But she also found an audio log by Marlene made not too long ago, in which she talks about how her hunch. At one point in Marlene's life, Ellie's mother had not been around for almost a year. She never learned about what happened during that time, but it just so happened to be that Ellie's mother came back into her life about roughly a week before the infection began.

It was then that Marlene found Becky scrounging through her stuff, and had her at gunpoint. Becky tried begging Marlene to stop all this, but she was too far gone to change her mind now. The lives of millions were at stake, and nothing was standing in her way. Marlene mentioned how she lost her own daughter, in which Becky retorts that she doesn't know pain.

From this, we learned that Becky has been an orphan since about three years after the infection began to spread. Marlene couldn't care less, as it wasn't her problem. She was about to kill Becky right then and there until she began to hear gunshots from a distance, coming from outside and inside the facility, in which Becky knew that the cavalry had finally arrived.

Then, we're given a small flashback to when Ellie, Jason and the kid were all put into a single cell. Ellie wanted to know why Jason would protect her the way he did. He wasn't sure. It was just some sort of instinct that kicked in. He couldn't bear to see her get hurt. Almost as if she was like family to him.

Jason goes on to explain how he was supposedly adopted, his own mother leaving him with anyone who would take him. He never knew his mother, nor did he know if she died or not. After being with the Hunters for a few years, he learned that his adopted family were killed during a breach in security by Runners in overwhelming numbers.

Ellie then goes on to explain how she had a feeling of familiarity with Jason. It didn't really make any sense at first, but she felt like she knew him from one point in her past. And listening to parts of his backstory, it kinda made the picture a bit clearer. But there was still a lot left that was a mystery, such as who Jason truly was to Ellie.

Jason then looked at the kid with them, asking what his name was. His name was Max, and much like Ellie he was an orphan. Jason couldn't imagine how a kid at his age would feel when it comes to losing his own parents. He didn't want to think about that, though.

At that point, the attack on the facility could be heard by the three, Max hearing it first. There wasn't anybody guarding their cell during that time, so all they could do is listen.

The assault came as a surprise to the Fireflies. Even though the Fireflies were armed all of the time, they weren't prepared for sudden attacks, and many were killed as a result.

Being that Jason and company were locked in a cell in a lower end of the facility, one Firefly tried to get them out and use them for hostage negotiations. However, as he got them out of their cell, he was shot right away, Raymond coming to the three's aid. Jason was fairly shocked by this, but realized the implications of their current situation. Raymond explains that Becky is currently in Marlene's quarters, trying to get information from the Fireflies before it ends up destroyed.

Jason couldn't believe she would do that. For all he knew, she could be dead already. He then decided to have Raymond get Ellie and Max to safety. He was going to go after Marlene and make sure Marlene is dealt with for good.

At this point, you're in control of Jason again, who ends up getting his weapons back after leaving the lower cells. He knew what the Fireflies looked like, but knew that Hunters were in the vicinity now. He had to sneak as much as possible to get to Marlene. However, if there were any Fireflies by themselves, he would take them out accordingly.

This would be the hardest moment in the game, in which you have to take advantage of everything you've learned in regards to the game's stealth system to remain undetected by Hunters and Fireflies alike. Last thing you need is both of those factions attacking you as you inch closer to Marlene.

Afterward, you finally make it to the upper floors where it's only Fireflies at the moment, in which there's less worry to stay undetected, and you can focus a bit more on killing Fireflies that stand in your way. Eventually, after getting through all that (And even getting your hands on a makeshift grenade launcher that launches nail bombs at opponents), you make it to Marlene, who now had Becky as a hostage.

Marlene makes it clear that Jason, Ellie and Max can save lives, potentially saving the world. Becky warned Jason not to listen to her, telling him that he would be killed if he went through with the surgery.

However, Jason makes it clear that those who succumbed to the infection will never be cured, meaning the world will never truly be saved. No matter how many lives Marlene saves, it wouldn't protect them from the animosity of infected all across the United States. Immune as they might end up, it won't stop the infected from tearing them to shreds.

Marlene didn't care about that. All she cared about was the bigger picture. Jason ended up threatening Marlene's life, and would make sure he did what Joel failed to do. Marlene, however, has nothing left to lose besides Ellie, and she was an acceptable sacrifice.

Becky told Jason not to worry about her. She still had a family member to take care of, and that she needs him, now more than ever. Marlene was shocked that she'd say that and now felt like both Becky and Jason had to die before Ellie would catch wind of that. She didn't care if Jason was immune anymore. Ellie was all she needed to save millions of lives.

Marlene assumes that Jason won't kill her, especially with the life of his partner on the line. The moment Marlene aimed at Jason and attempted to shoot him, he was quick to put a bullet in Marlene's head. The two embraced for a moment, both glad to be alive.

At that point, the Hunters eventually made it to their floor, in which gunshots started raining out in the distance. Jason had his gun aimed at the door in case any Fireflies would try to come in. However, it was Raymond who came in, glad to know that they were safe. He then noticed that Marlene was killed, in which he congratulated Jason for getting the job done.

Raymond then left the room, letting any other Hunters know that the leader is dead and to clear out any remaining Fireflies. During that time, Becky had Jason listen to Marlene's final audio log, since he didn't know what she meant by having a family member.

After all of that was done, Raymond was able to get Jason and Becky to where Ellie and Max were. However, their reunion was cut short, as they could feel vibrations under their feet. It sounds like powerful stomps. They were getting louder and faster. Ellie knew what this meant, having everyone get to cover and out of sight.

Suddenly, a Charger-type infected rammed through the wall like it was nothing. Consider this a miniboss moment, in which you have to sneak around the building, making sure it didn't see you, at least until Raymond has the opportunity to kill it. Much like Bloaters, they are susceptible to fire and can be killed in a similar fashion.

After an opening is found, Raymond proceeds to drop a new weapon that Jason would have access to the recipe to: an incendiary mine. Upon doing so, the Charger-type infected proceeded to run towards Raymond, the incendiary mine blowing up at point-blank range. It bursted into flames, screaming in agony until it finally fell to the ground, lifeless and charred.

When everything calmed down, Raymond made it clear that the Fireflies were now gone in their location. Pretty much, Raymond was asking Jason and Becky to come back to the Hunters, since having such an accomplish is definitely worth being forgiven of past sins. Before Jason could make a decision, the screen went black all of sudden.

Flash forward by a few hours, in which Jason, Ellie and Becky all stand in front of a makeshift grave in the middle of nowhere. Tommy had died from internal bleeding out due to being shot by Marlene. There was nothing anyone could do about that. With that, everyone from Ellie's past, in a manner of speaking, were now all gone.

When Ellie had finished grieving, Jason wanted to tell her something. However, before he could speak, he was shot suddenly from behind. It happened to be Raymond that did the job. Jason's former commanding officer had grown tired of his men not getting the job done. So, he took advantage of the two's relationship by having him get close and end it once and for all.

Disoriented by the shot from behind, Jason's vision began to blur as Becky and Ellie tried to come to his aid. Raymond made it clear that if they didn't want to be shot too, they would walk away from him. Jason said it was okay, calling Ellie his "sis" for the first time, putting her in total shock. The two would comply as Raymond aimed his pistol at a hunched over Jason, telling him it was just orders.

However, Jason was smarter than that to be taken out so easily, as he purposely wore body armor under his clothing, which caught the bullet before it could cause some major damage. He knew this would happen, as Raymond was unable to stand up for himself. He would end up learning that the hard way.

Jason was able to counterattack with ease, his pistol aimed at Raymond's heart. He tells Jason he doesn't have the guts to do it. However, he does, letting Raymond know that it's because of the choices he made that he defected in the first place.

While Jason was shot with a suppressed pistol, his pistol wasn't. The sound rang out as Raymond's body fell to the ground, writhing. His radio eventually went off, in which Jason's former commanding officer was asking if Raymond got the job done. Jason ended up answering back, letting him know that he failed, crushing the radio underneath his feet.

Ellie was still in shock by Jason's words. She didn't know why he called her his "sis". She thought she was an only child. She asked if she really was his sister. However, before Jason could respond, a horde of Runners were headed in their direction. They needed to get out of there fast.

There were too many to take out, so they were forced to run. It was then that a short narration of Jason could be heard, talking about how this was his life now. He would survive with Becky and his sister Ellie by any means necessary, and they would have to make a new home one piece at a time.

And there you have it. The story ends abruptly, sure, but for good reason. Their story will continue to live on, but from here, there's nothing more to see.

This is definitely not that great of a story for a sequel, but it's what I came up with, and I worked hard trying to figure it all out. It's definitely the longest article I've made so far, but hopefully it is worth the read for some of you.

Thanks for giving this a read, and I hope you enjoyed it in any degree.

If you have a much better concept for a sequel, do let me know in the comments. I'd love to see how you would make a sequel to The Last of Us and how the story and world could develop.

Well, that's everything for today. I'll catch you guys later. Peace. Out! ;)


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