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Jessica Feeney

Let’s put some closure on the Saw franchise by talking some cool trivia about the various gore-ific movies!

1. All the victims who die in Saw are men.

2. Leigh Whannell has said in an interview that he had planned for Adam & Lawrence to be trapped in an elevator instead of a filthy bathroom.

3. In Saw II there were approximately 120,000 needles used to shoot the needle pit scene.

4. The pig bodies in the Judge’s trap in Saw III were made of foam, rubber and latex. They were filled with live maggots. This trap was also Tobin Bell’s favorite of the entire series.

5. The actress who was frozen to death in Saw III wore a mirkin to preserve her modesty

6. In Saw VI the role of Simone was played by Tanedra Howard. She won her role on VH1′s Reality Show Scream Queens.

7. The carousel trap in Saw VI originally had ten victims on. It was changed to six to match the film’s title.

8. Twenty-five gallons of fake blood was used in Saw 3D.

9. If you were to watch all the films in the Saw series it would take you 666 minutes.

10. When Shawnee Smith cut open her cell mate in Saw and fished around in his stomach his insides were actually pig guts.

Ok kids! There you have it. Hopefully you have learned something! Check out more blog posts and my podcast at

As an extra added bonus, here is the short that Leigh Whannell and James Wan filmed in order to enhance the sale of the movie, starring Whannell and directed by Wan.


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