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When does a stroll through Detroit turn into an encounter with Gotham City's local jail? When Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is filming, of course!

Michigan locals Tim Reinman and Tim Malin caught set-up taking place at Detroit's old police station, and followed up today with set photos of the Gotham City Jail! Looks like there are quite a few wanted faces posted up already...

... but I definitely can't make out any of those faces.

Regardless, it's pretty cool to know that we'll be doing a LOT of traveling in the upcoming film. So far, DC movies have been pretty focused on centralized locations, but with rumors of a possible Themyscira (Wonder Woman's home) to be shot in Morocco, it's a definite that we'll be seeing much more of the DCCU scenery sooner rather than later.



What do you think of the variety of fictional locale in Batman vs Superman?


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