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With "Deep Breath" airing last week kicking off the newest series of the longest running Sci-Fi TV show in history, we have been introduced to a new, cross and most importantly Scottish, Doctor. For most, the episode was a surprise and a delight, but for a select few, they have already been exposed to pirated versions of the episode and have read many of the upcoming episode's scripts through leaks. Although they haven't given us any spoilers, several of the people who obtained copies of the leaked scripts for Series 8 of Doctor Who several weeks ago (starring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor) have claimed that upon reading the upcoming episode entitled "Listen", that it has the potential of being show writer Steven Moffat's next "Blink", in reference to arguably the most famous and mind-boggling episode of Doctor Who from back when David Tennant played the 10th Doctor. Below is the teaser for the episode released by BBC nearly a month ago:

Not much to go on there, but it definitely has my appetite going for more! Personally, I love Steven Moffat to death and feel like he's a genius, but many people feel like he should stick to making one or two golden episodes every once in a while which...wouldn't be too bad I guess. As long as he's around for the long run! What's your opinion of Moffat as current show writer?


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