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Josh Weinstock

Dear Pilots,

You're our biggest fans...the reason we're here today in the first place. We love firing you up about upcoming releases and awesome pop culture happenings, and we love that plenty of the best content on MP comes directly from you.

Every day, we huddle together and brainstorm ways to make Moviepilot bigger, better, stronger. We're on the way to introducing some exciting new changes, and the future of MP has never looked brighter!

In our never-ending quest to improve and expand, we've found that film festivals are an excellent way to showcase what you do best - in our case, that's building fan communities and sharing awesome content through social media. So - with that in mind - we've formally submitted to present at one of the coolest festivals in the world, South by Southwest!

Or SXSW, as it's commonly referred to...
Or SXSW, as it's commonly referred to...

For SXSW Interactive 2015 (March 13 - 17), your loyal Moviepilot team is offering up an exciting presentation on Hollywood's evolving social media scene. Fan communities on the web are the wave of the future (or, rather, the present here at MP), and we're spreading the good word to the dinosaurs in Tinseltown!

SXSW has received thousands of applications for presentations, but nothing like what we have to offer. Ready for the big (well, actually not so big) catch?

Fan votes count toward the selection process! Or in other words, MP's chances lie largely in YOUR HANDS.

Won't you help support us?
Won't you help support us?

If each of you would take a moment to create a SXSW account (which only takes like 30 seconds), you can then vote for our panel by following this link. The whole process is quick and easy, plus you'll be playing your part in the intricate web we like to call the entertainment industry.

We wouldn't ask if we weren't excited about the message we have to share with the folks in Austin, TX. That message? It's you, Pilots. YOU.

The future of movies and TV - the fuel that runs the engine and the gears that turn the spindles - it's the fan. It's the community, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the passionate and engaged. We're spreading the word, and we're doing it with you by our side.

Thanks for taking the journey with us, pilots. Now let's make this happen!


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