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When the news of the previously unheard about Schwarzenegger zombie film [Maggie](movie:397714) surfaced a few weeks ago, I kind of lost my sh*t. WHY hasn't Arnie made a zombie killing flick before this? And why is he starting with a sad sounding one about watching the deterioration of his infected teenage daughter? Downer.

Maggie tells the story of a deadly zombie virus that has put a plague on the world. When Maggie, a vivacious young woman becomes infected, her father brings her home to let her be with their family. As Maggie’s condition worsens, the relationship between father and daughter is tested.

Originally set to debut at the Toronto Film Festival next month, there was no word on distribution, or any other details for Maggie, which baffled the hell out of me. How do you get Arnie in an indie horror film and have no release date?

Arnie on set with a little cutie!
Arnie on set with a little cutie!

Enter Lionsgate - who've been slightly skewed towards Young Adult themed horror films as of late, walked in and snapped up Maggie's distribution rights and retracted it from it's debut screening. So NO ONE gets to see Maggie for a little bit now...but that also means that an official theatrical release date and some teasers should be on the way in the next few months.

"Maggie takes the zombie genre in exciting new directions, and it offers something for everyone – star power, horror, suspense and riveting performances that will keep moviegoers on the edge of their seats."
On the set of Maggie
On the set of Maggie

Maggie also stars Abigail Breslin (Signs), Amy Brassette, Aiden Flowers and Rachel Whitman Groves.

Will you be watching for [Maggie](movie:397714) news? I know I will be!

(Source: Lionsgate)


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