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The Droids Canada

So, I just completed No Going Back and this is going to be a generally spoiler free review. Let me start off with the game play. I'm going to say that this season in general, there's been a lot less fighting interaction as the previous season, and it doesn't change with this episode. So, if you were hoping for some more fighting, you'll be waiting for the last 5 minutes of the game. There's a lot more decision making than there is anything else. However, the decision making is what keeps me going back to playing this game again to see what I could have done differently. To get through the game was probably roughly 90 minutes. It certainly didn't feel like 90 minutes. The storyline made up for what the game play lacked. Although there was a lack of fighting interaction, there was a lot of decision making, which kept your attention. There are also a couple of parts that tug at the heart strings. So beware. Starting off at the end of episode 4, continuing on with the group and the baby, is the usual fight for survival. This episode delving more into characters than fighting zombies. People starting to change, people losing their grip on what little sanity they have left and having to make yet another heavy heart decision regarding more than one person. With the story making up for the lack of interaction, I'm going to give this episode a 4 out of 5. -Rainer


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