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Who wasn't excited to see Lucy Lawless cast in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD? With her work on Xena and Battlestar Galactica, she is a nerd icon and an incredible actress, and now she will be appearing as brand-new character Agent Isabelle Hartley in the Avengers spin-off.

Marvel has revealed that Hartley is another seasoned SHIELD agent who will be joining up with Coulson to re-build the agency from the ground up in season two of the show.

Our first look at her doesn't reveal too much (obviously - how much can a single photo really give away?), but I'm loving the bobbed hair and that slightly unimpressed look on her face. She is having none of your nonsense, apparently!

However, I can't help but notice a striking similarity between her and Coulson's previous second in command, Melinda May aka the Cavalry. I truly hope that this new character doesn't simply replace May in the fledgeling agency, but actually gets to be something entirely new. May is a fantastic character (if a little OTT with her ice-queen persona) but I'm happy to see her going off in a different direction. A very different personality would really help bring out different sides to Coulson, which I would also love to watch.

If I'm perfectly honest, I wasn't hugely impressed with the first season of the show - although it did improve toward the end. With all the recent announcements of more "super" characters (villains more than heroes, but that makes sense) I feel like season two is going to be a vast improvement.

Lawless has the potential to be incredible, and I want to see where they take her - if they do make her very similar to May, I'll be gunning for a showdown between the two of them before the finale.

What do you think of the first look? Who should Agent Isabelle Hartley be?


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