ByJustin Isfeld, writer at

What happens when two young women are told that those boobs men drool over are filled to the nipple with cancer?

"To Here Knows When" is a gut-wrenching story about the discovery of truth, beauty, and purpose and a not so gentle reminder that death has no dignity. The story is told through the relationship between Cassie and Lena, which is a representation of the human experience and humanity’s ability to endure. Cassie has played it by the book her entire life, while Lena has never taken a day in her life seriously. Bound by a tragic fate delivered at the hands of death, they renounce western medicine’s soul-sucking “treatment”, cash it in, and just drive.

This film shows how by acknowledging the undiscerning cruelty of reality we can embrace life and with that comes peace. It is a timeless story that everyone should experience. This film will force you to break free from the mundane cycle of everyday life and challenge you to be present in each moment.

Bringing "To Here Knows When" to life is a team of innovative and resourceful young artists committed to sharing this film with you. You can show your support for this project at the Kickstarter link below. No matter how big or small, all of your support is greatly appreciated and will go a long way.


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