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I don't know where to start... There's no easy way to say this, I'm pregnant.

It's the second time I believe IMDb has a spy on each company and then secretly gives us the info. He's just waiting for us to find it. And we did, oh yeah we've done it.

This time, since my last post (I'm not advertising my self... Well, maybe a little... Don't judge me) I wanted to go specifically to Ryan Reynolds page (In IMDb. Sorry, maybe it was unclear) to see if what he was going to do with his life... Who am I kidding? I WANTED TO FRICKIN' SEE A FRICKIN' DEADPOOL MOVIE IN HIS FRICKIN' FILMOGRAPHY AND I FRICKIN' DID IT!!! FRICKIN' DEADPOOL MOVIE!!!

Really don't care what he's doing. I WANT DEADPOOL
Really don't care what he's doing. I WANT DEADPOOL

So, it appears to be already announced, or that's what the page says. Then if you enter to the Deadpool movie page you'll find almost nothing. It says that it'll be directed by Tim Miller, the guy who directed the leaked footage.

The leaked footage was not great, neither good, nor awesome. IT WAS AWESOMTASTIC. Clear? Fine, let's go on. There are four types of people in the world, the ones who want Ryan to be our [Deadpool](movie:38663); the ones who don't want our Ryan to be Wade, and the ones who don't know maths.

This is my opinion. Deadpool is Deadpool. I believe in the One True Deadpool. The word of Deadpool is sacred.
Let's have a flashback:


Deadpool has spoken. Reynolds is Deadpool, so you can't question him. But Reynolds has already been Deadpool once, and I'm looking at you, dirty old X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

We all agree that that movie made us all mad. I'm just saying, what where they thinking? The Merc With A Mouth but without the mouth?. Nobody liked that. And the Cyclops rays. Why? Well, I will waste a lot of time if I go on hating that movie.


My problem is that I missed DOFP. But with all the semi-spoilers 'round the web say that they can use the new timelines concept to fix what they've done to Wade. Or, they can just forget that film and go ahead and make the movie.

There are so many things with the movie going, and I'm not going to discuss if it should be R-Rated or PG-13 (I want it to be R. But anyway if it turns out to be PG-13 I would still be crazy for it, I mean, DEADPOOL).

The whole thing was just to say that it is kinda announced that there'll be a Deadpool movie, with Reynolds (like it or not).

Anyway, don't raise your heads too high because the sun is shinning, like fire, it burns, and that could be your end.



THE DEADPOOL MOVIE IS HAPPENING!!!!!! Our dear we're-not-giving-back-the-rights-that-marvel-deserves FOX confirmed it!

Now I can rest in peace... And wake up when it hits theatres.


So, what do you believe? Is IMDb just messing up or saying "Hey man, Deadpool's coming up"?


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