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Well kids, it's official! Oscar season is upon us! How do we know? Because like Santa visiting all the good little boys and girls at Christmas, the very first "for your consideration" DVD has made its way to Academy voters. Is that film a tragic historical epic? Or a clever character study? NOPE! It's Bong Joon Ho’s dystopian science fiction epic, Snowpiercer, and he (along with Radius/TWC) want you, AMPAS voter, to nominate the film for just about everything.

All the Oscars. All of the Oscars for Tilda.
All the Oscars. All of the Oscars for Tilda.

On the surface, not a lot about Snowpiercer screams Oscar nominee, but that could actually work in the film's favor. Based on a critically acclaimed French graphic novel, the visually stunning sci-fi film features tremendous effects work, stellar performances, and some of the best direction I have ever witnessed in a film of this scope. Snowpiercer also has 95% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is only slightly less impressive than guaranteed nomination shoe-in, Boyhood.

Nothing says "Oscar" like propaganda!
Nothing says "Oscar" like propaganda!

So while Snowpiercer may not have been the most obvious choice to lead the Oscar race, it is actually a totally legitimate option when it comes to theme. Post-apocalypse, revolution, politics, issues of class and forced poverty... Basically, don't count Snowpiercer out on Oscar night!

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