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Amy Martin

With [The Walking Dead](series:201193) season 5 set to premiere on October 12th, excitement is buzzing as to where the story may lead. The Zombies are looking more disgusting and decayed than ever in set pics released by AMC, and there is promise of both a drama and action-packed story line for season 5 of the popular tv show. The studio has just released an infuriatingly short clip of Tyreese, surrounded by the flesh eaters in a little cabin in the woods, and I'm officially dying to find out what happens next.

Surely they wouldn't kill off Tyreese, surely not! Although saying this, I have been both surprised and shocked regarding some of the other characters which have been killed off this far, so I guess anything could happen. Also, who was that mysterious figure that runs behind Tyreese at the very end of the clip? So many questions.... Sooo many questions.

AWESOME looking 'walker' from Season 5!
AWESOME looking 'walker' from Season 5!

So as I may have already stated, I have many questions regarding season 4, which I hope to see answered in season 5. What happened to Beth? Do Rick, Daryl and the crew get out of Terminus, and just what is going on there? Will Tyreese, Carol and Judith be reunited with the rest of the group? Is there a possibility that Daryl is gay? Or most importantly, does Eugene really know a way to cure the disease?

Where do YOU think The Walking Dead season 5 will lead?


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