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With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films of all time, there has been a lot of talk regarding the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. As a Justice League movie is imminent, quite a few characters, and the actors playing them, have not bee announced. These are just ideas, but ideas that I feel could be legitimate options for this film.



This doesn't really need any explanation, as he will have been Superman in two DCCU films up to this point. I don't think I would actually change this casting anyway.


Although we haven't seen his performance yet, I hope he can really bring a mature grit to the role. I hope he echoes The Dark Knight Returns with his portrayal of Batman. I think comic book fans can all admit that the suit looks awesome, and the SDCC teaser was straight from the pages of the staple Batman Vs Superman story. I really want him to be a great Batman that can be the veteran of The Justice League.

  • [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)/DIANA PRINCE: GAL GADOT

This is really the only current casting choice that I am unsure about. She looks like she could take on an army in this photo, but we haven't really gotten a chance to see Gal shine as an actress. We have seen her in The Fast and Furious movies, but that is about it. Those movies are fun, and all, but they don't give oscar-worthy performances. I really want to see her steal some scenes in BvS so that I can really enjoy her in The Justice League.


This will be Fisher's first feature-length film. I feel like he looks the part of an athlete in his late teens/early twenties, but a lot of actors could fill that roll. I need to see what makes him perfect for this character, and I don't think we'll see that until BvS. I have heard that he is great in his stage performances, but stage doesn't always translate to film. I hope he does a great job because I would love to see a strong Cyborg on the big screen.

Rumored/Hopes & Dreams

  • [Aquaman](movie:264237)/Arthur Curry: Jason Momoa

This has apparently been confirmed by trade reports, just not by the cast and crew. So, as of right now, it will stay in the "Rumored" section. This guy is intimidating! If rumors are correct, I could definitely see him having an argument with Superman and being worried for Superman! He was really cool in GoT, and he could just be an incredible force to be reckoned with alongside Cavill and Affleck. Most naysayers disagree with this choice because he doesn't have blonde hair, but Atlanteans would most likely have been Greek which would have given them dark hair and tan skin.

  • [The Flash](movie:15273)/BARRY ALLEN: CHRIS PINE

In a perfect world, the DC TV Universe would be tied into the DCCU and Grant Gustin would be our Flash, but it has been announced that they will not be a shared universe. This is a bit of a bummer because that would eliminate the need for an origin in a film, and we could cut straight to the story. Another rumor floating around is that Scoot McNiary will be the flash because of recent set images of him with green screen legs. Why would there be a need for that? I see him being more of a Metallo character than The Flash, especially with cgi legs. Ok, back to the fan casting. I feel like Chris Pine has shown us that he can pull off witty humor and heroism with his roll as Captain James Tiberius Kirk in JJ Abrams' Star Trek series, and that is something to really look for in Barry Allen. I also feel like he isn't quite as imposing as the other actors listed, but that is almost how it should be in this situation.


He tweeted this picture out! Look at it! Need I say more? I think that it would be a smart idea for DC to distance itself from the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie as much as possible, which I do not blame Reynolds for, and what better way than to use John Stewart? Honestly, most people associate John Stewart with the Green Lantern of the Justice League anyway because of one of the best animated shows of all time. Idris Elba is just a fantastic actor that could easily pull of a former military man turned galactic enforcer.



Reynolds would have been a whole lot better with a good script, but DC would probably not want to associate its new universe with that movie, and I would much rather have him play Deadpool. With that said, Fillion is pretty much the perfect choice for Hal Jordan! I think they would want another character closer to Batman's age, and this is the one to go with! Firefly is really the only thing you need to see to say that this is his role! Oh, and he has already voiced him! There really isn't much more to say other than to just look at the similarities in those pictures! He is Hal Jordan!


To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical about this at first too. I didn't really know who I would want to play this character, and my original choice was Idris Elba, but I didn't want to have anyone listed twice. I had to find someone that could, not only, play an alien, but a detective as well. Cumberbatch can play an amazing detective, as seen by his Emmy award-winning performance as Sherlock Holmes. He also has to feel a bit alien in nature, which he also embodies as Sherlock with his otherworldly presence and intellect. To top it all off, he has one of the most intriguing voices in the industry. This is a superb actor who can be believable as a Martian, but also bend in as a human.


I don't care if they aren't joining the TV and Cinematic universes, he is Oliver Queen! Stephen Amell has ruined this character for me because I honestly can't imagine anyone else playing this character. He embodies the role so well that he is irreplaceable. I really hope he gets the part because the film would just feel wrong with someone else playing HIS role. I don't even care if it is connected to the show, as long as he is Oliver Queen I am content. I can just imagine during the final fight in Batman v Superman Superman is gaining the upper hand against Batman, then an arrow with a green glow is fired from off camera and explodes, covering Superman in kryptonite. The camera pans, and Oliver is on a rooftop, bow in hand. He gives a nod to Bruce and walks away as Bruce gives Clark the famous "I want you to remember..." speech. That would be such an awesome tease to have him be the DCCU's Green Arrow. There is no doubt in my mind that he can stand with these DC powerhouses and own it as the Green Arrow!


That is all I have for now, you can leave any comments or suggestions you have in the section below. I really feel like this could be an awesome cast that would really do justice to these characters.


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